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The Outer Limits, on Showtime (s1-6) / syndicated / Sci-Fi (s7)
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This was a syndicated series that aired from 1995 to 2002, but I didn't watch it much in the end. (Actually, I guess it aired on Showtime, which I didn't get, though I watched it in syndication on a local station at the same time it was on cable.) I'm sure for awhile I watched it somewhat more regularly, and it could be okay (or even better than okay) at times, but usually not great (and sometimes not even particularly okay). It was of course based on the anthology series from the 1960s, of which I may have seen a very little bit, but not enough to comment on. Anyway, it's kind of like The Twilight Zone. Each week there'd be a different, science fictiony story that basically served as a morality play. Or something. There was a narrator who said some stuff at the start and end of each episode, I guess, trying to impart some kind of lesson. Mostly it was just kinda weird and creepy. I dunno. But it was interesting enough, generally speaking.

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