Faerie Tale Theatre, on Showtime
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The interwebs inform me this was on Showtime, but I was unaware of that, not having had cable in the 80s. But I saw a bit of it on PBS (or possibly my local public television station, in syndication), so that's how I think of it, as a PBS series. I'm afraid I never saw as much of it as I would have liked, and I don't remember it well, but I know I liked what I did see. Anyway, Shelley Duvall hosted it, and each week there was a different faerie tale performed by some really cool actors. It really seemed more designed to appeal to adults rather than children. I'd like to see the whole series sometime, stuff I haven't seen as well as stuff I have... Bernadette Peters was in one installment. And you know, we've always quite liked her. So... I really want to get the DVDs eventually. Whenever I do get around to it, I should give the series a rating, but even now I can say the rating would be good.

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