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For a few summers in the late 80s, CBS would air unsold pilots. And I enjoyed a lot of them, but I'm afraid I only really remember a couple of them. I also think there was one episode I wanted to see and was forced by circumstances to miss, which has always annoyed me when I think of it. Anyway, here are the ones I remember...

Coming to America (IMDb)
This was supposed to be a pilot for a series spun-off the movie of the same name (which I should rewatch someday, so I can write a review). The main character was supposed to be the little brother of Eddie Murphy's character from the movie, a prince who was sent from Africa to America with a friend of his named Omar. The only thing I remember was this American guy they stayed with telling the prince the story of the grasshopper and the ant, and then the prince says, "The friendship is over unless Omar changes his grasshopperly ways," though of course he himself was the grasshopper. And that's all I really remember. It was probably also the only actually funny thing about the show. And now that I look at IMDb, it says the prince's name was Tariq and his friend/assistant was named Oha. So, not "Omar," I guess.

Shivers (IMDb)
This was a mildly amusing piece of tripe about a father named David, and his two kids, Amanda (who we probably kinda liked) and Matthew, who moved into a house which was haunted by the ghosts of a highwayman named Jack Marlowe and a prostitute named Cassandra (who we liked). Oh, and the ghost of a young pigkeeper named Silas, whom they accidentally killed by falling on him when they fell out the window, back in Revolutionary times. It was lame, but I still kinda liked it, and I sometimes find myself saying a line from it, "Right, right, that tripe." Also, whenever I think of the show, I remember Jack as being played by Charles Shaughnessy (of The Nanny fame), but now that I look at IMDb, I see it was actually Mark Lindsay Chapman. Oh well.

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