anthology series

I would imagine you know what an anthology series is, but of course you could always check Wikipedia. Basically, it's any series that tells a completely different, unrelated story in each installment. (As such, it can be difficult to really rate a series as a whole, as some episodes I'll like better or worse than others. Also, many of these programs I don't remember well enough to rate in any event. So most of them, I just won't bother, but maybe I'll rate a few of the better remembered ones.) There have been many such series over the years, in many different genres. They can be animated or live-action. They can be for kids or adults (or both). They can be comedy or drama. They can be half hour or hourlong shows, or they can be movies (whether made for television or theatrical). They can be... pretty much anything. I eventually decided to put headings in the navframe in this section:

General: This is for things that I don't think specifically fit under any of the other headings (though specific installments of any series could do so).
Fantasy/sci-fi: I'm counting fairy tales as fantasy. And any of the sci-fi shows could have installments that aren't really science fiction (they could be horror, or drama, or comedy, or... anything). And of course, series under other headings could include sci-fi installments.
Horror: This is the reason I decided to create headings, because there are some things I felt I should list in my "supernatural & paranormal" section (as well as here), but for some reason hadn't done so. A couple of the shows listed under this heading ("The Haunting Hour" and "The Nightmare Room") are specifically for kids, but it was more important to me to classify them as "horror," even if they're really not that scary. In fact, any of the shows under this heading can be more comedy than really scary (or it can be both). And they may or may not involve supernatural elements.
Kid stuff: These series could just as well be enjoyed by adults as by kids (and of course kids can enjoy shows under other headings). But these are things that I suppose are primarily aimed at kids. (And most of them are things about which I'm particularly nostalgic, since I watched them in my own childhood.)

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