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X-Men: Evolution, on The WB
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I'm afraid I never read any X-Men comic books, but still I've always been vaguely aware of them, and I like the concept. This Saturday morning cartoon started around the same time that the first live-action X-Men movie came out, though it wasn't directly related to that film. There had of course been other X-Men cartoons out before, though I never watched them.

In any event, I suppose I'd say that sometimes the show was just sort of okay, and sometimes it was pretty damn good, actually. Anyway, in case you don't know, it's basically about the existence of mutants with various powers. There's a man named Charles Xavier who starts an institute for young mutants, and there they train to become X-Men. That is, a group of super-heroes. I suppose they had regular classes as well; it was sort of a place for them to feel safe, to be around their own kind. It's only a bit later, in season two, I believe, that the general public became aware of the existence of mutants, and it became a major issue. A lot of people feared and hated mutants, a mindset that wasn't helped at all by the fact that there were plenty of evil mutants, many of them who joined the Brotherhood, which was a group opposed by the X-Men. But many people failed to distinguish between good and evil mutants, so the X-Men were often in the position of being victimized by the very people they tried to protect.

So, anyway, I'm not sure what else to say. I don't remember it as well as I'd like, but it definitely had some good stuff, and tended to get better as the series progressed. The X-Men have always been an interesting group, with, you know, the philosophical questions that the story raises, of tolerance and bigotry, and all that. Though it can get a bit old now and then, and I could also get so pissed at the bigots on the show, but whatever. It also had a fair amount of humor, and stories that had nothing to do with the larger issues.

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