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Undergrads, on MTV
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This was basically about four guys who were friends in high school for some reason, despite being pretty different sorts of people, who went off to three different colleges which happen to be in the same town as each other. There was this nerd called Gimpy; it's a bit of a toss-up whether he was my first or second favorite character, but he was definitely the funniest. He went to Tekerson Tech, a school for like real smart kids or whatever. And he almost never left his dorm room. But he stayed in contact with his friends via computer. He also became the leader of a group of geeks at Tekerson, and his right-hand man was this fat kid named Mump. Gimpy's hacker/prankster identity was G Prime. But the show's main character seemed to be Nitz, who was just sort of bland, but he was probably my favorite character, anyway. Except that he had this stupid crush on this girl Kimmy, who he knew from high school, who obviously wasn't interested in him, and I personally didn't find her that interesting, either. But there was this other girl, Jesse, who Nitz met at college who he became friends with, and I thought she was really cool and cute and stuff. Anyway, Nitz and Kimmy and Jesse all went to State U. So did the most annoying of the four main characters, Cal. He was really dumb and had a really annoying, high voice, but he liked pretty much everyone and everything and had sex with alot of girls. The fourth main character was this other dumb guy named Rocko, who like used to be a bully or whatever. He drank alot, and liked porn, and joined a frat that didn't really want him around. He went to Central State Junior Community College. And there were some other characters, I guess, like some odd characters at Nitz's school, including some of Jesse's friends.

Um, anyway, yes, it was an odd little show but really funny and stuff. I dunno what else to say. Except that Gimpy loves Star Wars and hates Star Trek, which I think is just wrong because people should be able to love both. But that's just my opinion. Oh yeah, and somehow the animation reminded me of the Hobbit or something, especially this one stoner guy.... Oh, and I also liked the theme song, "The Click," by Good Charlotte.

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