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Titan Maximum (claymation), on Cartoon Network
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This is a claymated series from the makers of Robot Chicken. It parodies old giant robot shows like Voltron. The series is apparently set on and around Saturn's moon of Titan. The backstory is that there was a group of five people who piloted fighter spaceships that could combine into a single giant robot, called Titan Maximum. The group was called Titan Force Five, and they protected Titan from its enemies, I guess. But then there were budget cuts, and the team was disbanded. The show begins two years later, when most of the team is reunited to face a new threat.

The leader of the team was Palmer, who's very self-centered. Then there was a woman named Jodi, an upbeat martial artist. And Sasha, the daughter of Titan's president; she's also conceited and press-hungry and slutty and boozy and whatnot. There was a member named Spud, who was just goofy; he died sometime after the team disbanded. And then there was the second-in-command, Gibbs, who was actually the brains of the team, though he was always overshadowed by Palmer. Now, Gibbs is setting out to take over the Solar System. So, Palmer, Jodi, and Sasha reunite to oppose him. However, they can't form Titan Maximum without two other pilots. So, they're joined by Palmer's little brother, Willie, who's a nerd, and hero-worships his older brother, and has a serious crush on Sasha. Rounding out the group is a monkey named Leon, the stoic janitor from the Titan Force's hangar.

I dunno what else to say, except that it's a fairly funny show, with a certain sensibility reminiscent of Robot Chicken, I mean how both shows can pick up on little things in whatever they're parodying, things that are generally overlooked or just... whatever, they make up sort of normal things as side notes to the main action, and it's just funny, okay?

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