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Perfect Hair Forever, on Cartoon Network
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This is odd. It seems to be mocking anime. Which is cool. I love anime, but at the same time I can enjoy a good mocking of anime. It also seems to mock some of Adult Swim's other original shows, or at least their general randomness, so it's doubly cool. But it's not just about mocking these things; it's more like affectionately playing with the cliches inherent in anime shows. Anyway, there's this kid named Gerald who's starting to go bald, and he wants perfect hair forever. So his Uncle Grandfather sends him on some quest. Though Grandfather seems more interested in ogling a girl named Brenda. And there's a villain named Coiffio. Other odd characters join Gerald on his quest, including a hotdog and a tree, both of whom are really annoying. And some characters work for Coiffio, but there's also this guy called Cat Man who's supposed to work for him, but usually doesn't, because he just finds everyone annoying, apparently. And there's some flaming thing called Rod, the anime god, who is just on his own side. And there's a young man who is like the King of Animals, and travels around with some talking animals, and wants to help Gerald I guess, but mostly just gets himself and his animal friends into various messes. And um, I dunno what else to say about the show. It's weird. Kinda funny and stupid. Nothing ever really seems to happen, or at least nothing that seems to have any point or that furthers Gerald's quest. Oh, and the opening and closing themes are different every week. It's all absolutely redonkulous, and probably if it lasted more than seven episodes it would have been unbearable, but for a short series like that, it was decent.

Edit: Actually there are nine episodes, two of which I never got to see, which aired several years after the first season.

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