Kappa Mikey tek's rating: ½

Kappa Mikey, on Nicktoons Network
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Okay, uh... this is about a fictitious Japanese, uh, superhero show, or whatever, called "LilyMu." There are a couple of superheroines, I guess, Lily and Mitsuki. And there's a villain called Gonard. And a weird little furry creature named Guano. On the show, he's kinda like Pikachu from Pokemon (he can only speak his own name), but offscreen he talks normally, and he's also the writer and director of "LilyMu." And the most recent addition to the show is a teenaged American hero called Kappa Mikey. But really, this series isn't so much about the show they're all in, it's about the actors who play the heroes and villains. Mikey Simon has recently moved to Tokyo and become very popular starring in this show, but he's having some trouble fitting in. And he's kinda dumb and self-centered, but not really a bad guy. Gonard seems probably even dumber than Mikey, and they're good friends. Mitsuki has a secret crush on Mikey, though he's oblivious to that, and he seems to like Lily better, though she can't stand him. Other characters include Ozu, the producer of "LilyMu," and Yes Man, who agrees with everything Ozu says.

This was originally on Nicktoons Network, which I didn't get. So I couldn't see it til it came to Nickelodeon. Anyway, the animation isn't that great. It's all caricatures and cliches, really. Mainly anime cliches, of course, but... Mikey is drawn a lot more poorly than the other characters. Not that the others aren't rather cartoonish caricatures, themselves... just not as much as Mikey is. And really, the show is kind of lame in some ways... but there are also some rather funny bits, so... whatever. I should also mention there are a couple of specials, including A Christmas Mikey (which I thought was pretty cool), and The Karaoke Episode.

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