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Inspector Gadget, in syndication
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In some bizarre, remote way, this is vaguely inspired by Get Smart. In any event, Don Adams (the star of Get Smart) played Gadget. The character is pretty clueless, but he has all kinds of cool gadgets which occasionally actually work as he intends (but usually not). Hmmm, I guess he's almost like a cyborg, sort of. But not really. And he has a niece named Penny who's really clever and actually is responsible for solving all the cases Gadget thinks he solves. Or isn't aware he's solved until the Chief congratulates him. Penny has a dog named Brain who helps her. He's a pretty clever dog, and does his best to keep Gadget out of trouble. The bad guys are a criminal organization called MAD, which is run by Dr. Claw, who has a cat named Mad Cat. Dr. Claw doesn't seem to be aware that Penny's actually responsible for constantly foiling his plans. Anyway, it's funny, and fairly nostalgic for me. And I'd personally love to make a spin-off show someday with a grown-up Penny as an inspector herself. Prob'ly never happen, though, alas....

There was also, years later, a live-action movie based on the series.

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