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El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera, on Nickelodeon
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There's this kid named Manny Rivera, who lives in a town called Miracle City, which is full of crime and I guess like monsters and whatnot. Manny's father Rodolfo is actually a semi-retired superhero known as the White Pantera, whose powers come from his boots. His grandfather was a supervillain called Puma Loco, whose powers come from his sombrero; he's also supposedly retired, but still gets up to a bit of no good, now and then. And Manny himself has a belt buckle that gives him super powers, so he takes on the identity of El Tigre. However, his father wants him to become a hero and his grandfather wants him to be a villain. Manny seems rather torn between the two, and often ends up doing bad things, because it's easier or more fun or whatever. And he has a friend named Frida Suarez, who's not a great influence on him. So they have lots of adventures together, both good and bad.

It's kind of a weird show, but it's funny, and I find it refreshing and fun to see a show like this where a kid who's basically good often does the wrong thing. Not sure what else to say. I didn't watch much of it, but I enjoyed it when I did, so I should try to catch some more eps in reruns, or whatever. Eventually. Maybe. (I'd probably rate it higher if I saw more of it).

Oh, also... I firmly believe that I am wrong to include this in my alphabetical list of shows under "E" instead of "T", seeing as "El" just means "The", and I'd never count "The", "A", or "An" as the first word in a title when alphabetizing reviews. Yes, there is just no excuse for my using "El" this way. I can't even claim I'm doing it because it's part of the character's name, considering I list The Batman under "B". But... eh, let's just say that, like Manny... sometimes I make the wrong choice.

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