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American Dad!, on FOX (s1-11) / TBS (s12-present)
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This comes from Seth MacFarlane, creator of Family Guy (which is a better show). It's about Stan Smith, who works for the CIA; his wife Francine; their kids, Hayley and Steve; an alien named Roger, who lives with them; and a goldfish named Klaus, which has the brain of a German man transplanted into it. I more or less think it's a fairly stupid show, and I really don't like Stan, who's like one of those people who take patriotism to the level of nationalism, and in so doing entirely lose sight of what it truly means to be American. Plus, of course, he's like hyper-right-wing (while I lean toward the left). Seriously, I think this guy would be more at home in the McCarthy era, but then again, there are similarities between then and the post 9-11 era, I suppose. But hey, Stan's attitude is basically the whole point of the show. His personality is the joke. I just don't find it that funny.

Not that this show is really about politics, of course. It's just about this dad trying to deal with his family and stuff. And being pretty over the top overbearing, controlling... I dunno. Anyway, I guess the show has occasional, mildly amusing moments, but for the most part I don't like it. Really, I don't particularly like any of the characters, but Stan's the one I dislike the most. So... I really haven't seen much of it past the first season, though I did catch occasional episodes.

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