I haven't seen enough of this, or don't recall it well enough to rate.

Ĉon Flux, on MTV
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I never saw much of this. Certainly not in the proper order. Not that it matters much because it's just really strange and makes little or no sense in any event. Strange strange strange. I couldn't tell you anything about it, except that I'd like to see the whole thing in the proper order someday, and write up a proper review. But... even though I don't know it that well and it's strange and makes no sense, I still think it's pretty cool. And if I ever do see it, maybe I'll give it a higher rating.

It was created by Peter Chung, who later made Reign: The Conqueror. Why'd I put this under cartoons and that under anime? I dunno. Maybe just because this was on MTV and Reign was on Adult Swim Action. or maybe because Reign was animated by anime studio Madhouse, even if it is very obviously the same style of animation, while Aeon Flux was animated by an american company. Anyway... I should also mention there was later a live-action movie based on this show, but I have no intention of seeing it until after I've seen this series properly.

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