Issue 7

Issue 8

after walking a few days rather uneventfully (tho not entirely uneventfully, such a thing would be quite impossible in Wonderland), Teknomage came to a clearing in which was set up a table and chairs, with balloons hanging around, not attached to anything, just floating in place because they happened to like parties.

in two of the chairs were a Hatter and a Hare.

"Ah, the Mad Hatter and the March Hare, I presume." said tekno.

"Why yes," said the Hatter, "I suppose so. Would you like to sit down and have some tea?"

"Certainly, i adore tea. And i really love tea parties."

"Oh, this isn't a tea party" said the Hare.

"It isn't? then what is it?" asked tekno.

"It's a T party. a party for anybody whose name begins with T. unfortunately, so far there's no one here like that. I don't suppose your name begins with T, does it?" said the Hatter.

"Actually, it does. my name is teknomage."

"Oh, I say, that is good luck, isn't it? I guess you're the guest of honor, then. you get to eat the first piece of cake."

"But I can plainly see that you've already eaten some of the cake."

"I meant, you get to eat your first piece of cake, of course. Why would you eat our first piece of cake? you're not a thief, are you?"

"Well, no, I guess i just wasn't thinking straight. Or too straight, perhaps."

"say" said the Hare, "is that a Cheshire kitten?"

"Why yes, it is." said tekno, setting the kitten down on a chair beside him. "Can he have some cake, and maybe some cream?"

"Certainly" said the Hatter, reaching for the creamer.

He started to pour some cream into a saucer for the kitten, but instead out fell the dormouse.

"h-hey urp, w-whatza big id-urp?"

"sorry, old boy, completely forgot you were in there." said the Hatter.

Then, the Cheshire kitten spotted the mouse, and started to chase him. But then he stopped chasing, because the Dormouse wasn't running away.

"H-hey, Catten. urp, whaaada ya doin?"

"Well, I thought i was chasing you, because I'm a cat and you're a mouse, but I must have been mistaken, because you're not running away."

"Oh...oh, you're pr-prurpabla right, i'm ju urp just too in ebbriper inerbertatid, inbricat, intorcopa, i can't think st-straight."

"Oh. well, I wouldn't want to take advantage of someone who was under the influence of mind altering substances."

Tekno chuckled. "Well, I guess that means we might as well leave Wonderland. You're never going to find anyone to take advantage of here."

"my dear boy," said the Hatter, "He didn't really mean that you know."

"Yes, of course he didn't. he's a kitten, he doesn't know what he's talking about. but i've decided it's just less confusing for me if i treat what he says as legitimate, even if it isn't to him. it doesn't mean it doesn't mean anything to me, just not to him. which doesn't lessen the meaning that i perceive any, does it?"

"well, if that's the way you want to think about it. here, have some more tea, t-boy. by the way, i don't suppose it happens to be your unbirthday today?

"Actually, it is, but i rarely celebrate it. just a reminder of lost youth, you know."

"But you aren't at all old, my boy. You couldn't possibly be more than a hundred and two."

"actually, it's more like 20."

"Really? my, you are a young one. I can't even remember how old i am. I lost count somewhere around...well, i don't know where, because i lost count."

"Well, that's nice. or too bad, however you like to see it." said tekno. "Listen, thank you for your hospitality, but we really have to be going."

"Goodbye. do come again." said the Hatter.

"Yes, perhaps I'll get more lines next time" said the Hare.

"Goodbye" said tekno and the kitten.

they walked off. tekno thought he was heading back towards the opening to his Wheel of Worlds, but he ended up just outside a rose garden, with some live playing cards painting the roses red.

Issue 9

January 1996
some silly cards were painting the roses red, and then tes and nikkita showed up, to help them out. then teknomage got back from a long absense. not that he had ever been here before, but he'd been absent from someplace recently, and now he was here, so whatever...

he felt as if he knew tes and nikkita, but he couldn't say how he might know them. in fact, he didn't, as yet, but a version of him from an entirely different universe in which everybuddy around here was merely fictional characters on a website called the dominion, a version of him who was in college, and often went to the dominion, he knew tes and nikkita. in fact, he is the particular Writer-at-the-Moment that the mother of tekno's Cheshire Kitten mentioned.

but tekno decided to act as if he already knew them, and thot he'd just meet them later. so he said how much he thot that roses looked best in their natural colors, whatever the colors were. and so, that being taken care of, he did some other stuff, and all, and then he built himself a little cottage. i don't know why he set it up right next to the queen's palace, because he definitely doesn't care much for the queen. but i suppose he does like to play with her head.

and since he had already interfered with the painting of the roses, and had this little cottage, the thot he might as well go next door and introduce himself. after all, if he was going to dislike the queen and antagonize her, he might as well meet her. as it happened, a few people were already playing croquet on the palace grounds. tekno joined the game.

he of course cheated, with help from his friend Sonic the hedgehog. Sonic helped tekno win, and the queen got mad, but then tekno and sonic left, and tekno got ahold of some power rings for sonic, as per their prior arrangement. Snivelly watched the whole thing and went to report to Robutnik, but that story isn't likely to involve teknomage again anytime soon, maybe never.

then sonic went back home to his new cottage, and tes stopped by for a visit. then tekno told her about himself, and they got to know each other as best they could. tes stuck around for awhile at the cottage, but tek had some more story developments to get into, he really was just here to try to take care of some earlier things that had already been written elsewhere. now he had to continue on his way back into the main of the story. however, he did hope to see nikkita again sometime soon, either here in wonderland or elsewhere. he had a feeling many folks here in wonderland could also be found throught the third wheel, the Dominion, which was mostly related to the website of the same name in another universe, but this Dominion Wheel of Worlds was more real, at least to teknomage, and he wanted to explore it as soon as possible.

so he left the cottage, but i don't know where he's going from here yet.

Issues 10& 11