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Issue 10

finally tekno and the kitten made their way back to the opening of the wheel that led from wonderland back thru to the place teknomage had found when he went thru the other wheel he had discovered from the one at teknophage's place. or something. he forgot exactly how everything was set up, so he'd have to sit down soon and think about it and then write it all down for himself, probably with a diagram.

but for now he was sitting in a very nice place in the warm sun, near a lovely blue babbling brook. he was trying to think what to do next. it occurred to him that the Writer-at-the-Moment had said that sonic went back to his new cottage, when he really meant that tekno had done. he didn't know why that occurred to him, it didn't make any sense. but then it occurred to him that here in this land, it was possible for the real teknomage who was a Writer in another universe and himself, the fictional teknomage, to inhabit the same mind and that way share information that either of them might want to get across to the other, or to readers in general.

"So i'm a fictional character in a story i, or someone like me, is writing, in some other universe, where lots of other writers are also writing stories with fictional characters, some of whom correspond to their writers?"

"Something like that. but i'm only a fictional character in the other universe, in this one, or somewhere near here, i'm real, as are all the other characters."

"But are we really?"

"It depends on your point of view."

"From my point of view we are. anyway, i'm certainly not going to tell any of them about this, if i ever meet them."

"I think perhaps some of them may already know. it really isn't important, you still have a life to live, whether you're quasi-fictional or not."

"that's true enough. say, we seem to sometimes use here the first person even when talking to each other or about each other."

"Doesn't that make sense?"

"Yes, i just thot i'd mention it. anway, i ought to think of a name for the kitten."

"Must I?"

"Yes, i must. well, about Zack?"

"But i already have a stuffed seal toy named zack. i don't know if i'd feel right about that."

"But in a certain corner of your mind, isn't zack alive, and a wizard or something, at that?"

"Yes. i suppose he is magical, and in fact in one game we played when i was a kid, i was his apprentice."

"Well, why don't you name this magikitten after your old mentor/master/whatever?"

"Oh all right. Kitten, how do you like the name Zacharias?"

"How about Zack?" asked the kitten.

"I thot we could call you that for short."

"Okay. fine. but don't expect me to marry a girl named Alura and have a kitten named Caroline and an adopted son named Timmy."

"What is he talking about?" asked the fictional teknomage.

"Just the family of my toy seal."

"How does he know about them?"

"He doesn't."

"Oh yeah."

"Now i think i'll stop sharing your mind for awhile, and let you study the old posts here and remind ourself the whole wheel setup."


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Issue 11

The stranger thinks that this is the oddest place of all,

She quickly melts into the shadows.

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