Queen Alexi of House Ormanszka, of ThELanDOFMilKAnDHoneY, head of the Square Table, etc)
King XerXes, of TheLANdoFgolDENopporTUNITY
Woody, adoptive cyber-father of Queen Alexi
MsPeel, adoptive cyber-mother of Queen Alexi

Knights of the Square Table

first order
Sir Praxis, the Melancholy Knight
Sir Die-sel, VGS
Sir HB-Kid, VGS
Sir Green Ranger, VGS
Sir Kano, VGS
Sir Xyzzy
Sir Rob, who's actually a female
Sir Violet
Sir DCBoy
second order
Sir teknomage (Vicelord of Chaos, ViceRoyRogers of ThELanDOFMilKAnDHoneY, etc)

Other Nobility

Kyng Wombler
Coleslaw9, Earl of Coleslaw
Earth, Duchess of ThEBlueBerry IsleS
Kheas, Lord of Chaos
Doctor Memory, Royal Court Advisor Dude