2269 - 2363

2269 (cont'd)

Enterprise's fourth five-year mission is completed, Kirk is promoted to admiral and becomes Chief of Starfleet Operations.


Spock retired from Starfleet and began Kohlinar training. McCoy retired from Starfleet and opened a private medical practice on Earth.


ST:The Motion Picture. V'Ger threatens Earth. Just basically a rehash of the "Changeling" episode of TOS, as everyone knows. Anyway, thanks to Decker and Ilia, everything worked out in the end. And, um, Spock and McCoy both returned to Starfleet duty.

Demora Sulu born.

The refitted Enterprise embarked on another five-year mission, under the command of James T. Kirk, reinstated as a captain.


Enterprise completes its most recent five-year mission.

2277 Spock promoted to captain, joined the Academy faculty, and accepted command of the Enterprise, which was reassigned as an Academy training vessel. Chekov became first officer of the Reliant.


Starship Bozeman was caught in a temporal causality loop near the Typhon Expanse.


Kirk retired from Starfleet.


Kirk met Antonia and they fell in love.


Excelsior commissioned at San Francisco orbital yards, to serve as an experimental test subject for the Transwarp Development Project.

Kirk returned to Starfleet as an admiral, taking a position as an Academy instructor. Kirk and Antonia separated.


STII:The Wrath of Khan. Reliant was looking for a good dead planet to use for testing the Genesis project. They were looking around on Ceti Alpha V, which they thought was Ceti Alpha VI, which had actually exploded and shifted Ceti Alpha V's position. Anyway, they get captured by Khan and his superfriends and implanted with Ceti Alpha eels which let Khan control them; the eels had previously killed a bunch of his people, including his wife. Khan's crew used Reliant to steal the Genesis thing at Regula One, kill most of the people who worked there, and do a great deal of damage to Enterprise, killing some of its crew, as well. Anyway, Khan and his posse die when the Reliant gets destroyed after a big game of hide and seek with Enterprise in the Mutara nebula. But from Hell's heart, Khan stabs at Kirk by activating the Genesis Device. Spock puts his katra in McCoy, then goes to fix the antimatter reactor or whatever, and dies. But, his sacrifice allowed Enterprise to dramatically warp away moments before the Genesis wave would have destroyed them. His coffin/torpedo later gets shot out toward the newly formed Genesis Planet.

Saavik and David Marcus assigned to USS Grissom to study Genesis Planet in the Mutara Sector.

STIII:The Search For Spock. Spock is reborn on the Genesis Planet. Klingons killed David Marcus. Enterprise was set to self-destruct and blow up Klingons who beamed over to capture it. Meanwhile Enterprise crew beamed over to the Klingon ship and took control of it. They take the ship back to Vulcan, where Spock's katra is reinfused in fal-tor-pan ceremony, then he began re-education. Meanwhile the Genesis Planet disintegrated.


STIV:The Voyage Home. Klingons wanted to extradite Kirk for his crimes against them. But the Federation had first dibs on him for his violation of Starfleet regs. Anyway, Kirk and crew fly the Klingon ship back to Earth, where suddenly this alien probe is wreaking environmental havoc. So Kirk and all those folks take the bird-of-prey back to 1986 and pick up some humpback whales, George and Gracie, who they take back to the future. The whales answer the probe and it goes away. Gillian Taylor came over from the past, too, and miraculously got an immediate posting on a Federation science vessel. Kirk is demoted again to captain, and the Enterprise-A launches, under his command.


STV:The Final Frontier (apocryphal). Okay, but assuming any of it was real, Kirk, Spock, and McCoy were on a camping trip, happily scaling huge cliffs and toasting marshmelons. Then Spock's half brother Sybok seizes hostages on Nimbus III, the Planet of Galactic Peace, including Federation, Klingon, and Romulan representatives. So the Enterprise-A heads out there to fix the situation, and promptly falls into Sybok's hands, and he takes the ship all the way to the center of the galaxy, which he thinks is Sha Ka Ree (i.e., Vulcan Heaven). He uses some gimmicky mental trick to get everyone on his side. Anyway, somehow they get there, meet this big giant head who Sybok thinks is God, and God promptly kills Sybok. Then Spock, on board a Klingon ship, shoots God, apparently killing it. And then the three bestest buddies go back to camping and sing "Row Row Row Your Boat." Best line in the film: "Excuse me... what does God need with a starship?"

Starfleet deems Transwarp Development Project a failure and refitted Excelsior with standard warp drive.


Curzon Dax meets Kang and Koloth.


Hikaru Sulu got command of the Excelsior

Kor, Koloth, and Kang attempt to capture the criminal known as the Albino. He escapes, but most of his crew is captured. The Albino threatens to kill the three Klingons' firstborn children. A few years later he does so. Curzon Dax was Kang's son's godfather. Curzon and the Klingons take an oath to avenge the deaths of their children.


Tuvok was assigned to the Excelsior.

STVI:The Undiscovered Country. Klingon moon Praxis explodes, damaging Qo'noS. Klingons launch peace initiative cuz they need the Federation's help or whatever. Then Chancellor Gorkon got assassinated. Kirk and McCoy are convicted of the crime and imprisoned at Rura Penthe dilithium mines. Peace conference rescheduled for Camp Khitomer. Kirk and McCoy are later rescued and acquitted; the crime was committed by a conspiracy involving Starfleet admiral Cartwright and other Federation and Klingon folks. Enterprise and Excelsior prevent the conspirators from further disrupting the peace conference.

Enterprise-A was retired right around this time I guess. Also, at the Khitomer Conference, Spock met Romulan senator Pardek.

Enterprise-B launched, under Captain John Harriman.


Tuvok resigns from Starfleet and begins Kohlinar training.


Tuvok marries T'Pel, abandons Kohlinar training.


Jean-Luc Picard born, LaBarre, France.


Cardassian Union offers assistance to Bajor. Their presence is initially constructive.


Tomed Incident (last contact with Romulans for 53 years). Thousands of Fedreation lives were lost to Romulan forces. After this incident, the Treaty of Algeron was signed, reaffirming the Romulan Neutral Zone and prohibiting the Federation from using cloaking technology in its spacecraft.


A Douwd assumed the form of a human, calling himself Kevin Uxbridge. He married a woman named Rishon.


Multiplex pattern buffer invented, eradicating transporter psychosis.


Beverly Howard (Crusher) born.

Jean-Luc Picard had a run-in with a couple of surly Nausicaans.


Cardassian occupation of Bajor began.


Isolinear Optical Chips replaced Duotronic Enhancer Systems.


Benjamin Lafayette Sisko born in New Orleans, Earth.

Marriage of Noonien Soong and Juliana O'Donnell.


Picard assumed command of USS Stargazer


William T. Riker born.

Chakotay born.

Lore is created by Dr. Noonien & Juliana Soong.
Data is created by Dr. Noonien & Juliana Soong.

Geordi La Forge born.


Deanna Troi born.

Crystalline Entity destroyed Omicron Theta colony.


Terran Defense Force officially established, January 5.

Natasha Yar born.


Data was discovered on Omicron Theta.


Worf born.

Ro Laren born.


Jadzia born.

Julian Subatoi Bashir born.


Kira Nerys born.


Enterprise-C, under the command of Rachel Garrett, defended Klingon outpost on Narendra III from Romulan attack. Some members of the ship's crew are captured by the Romulans, including a Tasha Yar from a different timeline in the future (2366).


Kurn born.

Sela born born on Romulus, daughter of Tasha Yar and a Romulan official.


The Kazon overthrew their Trabe oppressors.

Khitomer Massacre. Romulans attacked the outpost, killing 4000 Klingons. Nearly 100 Klingons were taken prisoner and placed in a secret prison camp in the Carraya system.

War broke out between the Talaxians and the Haakonians.


Setlik III Massacre. Cardassian forces attacked the Federation colony, killing nearly 100 civilians.


Marriage of Jack Crusher & Beverly Howard.

Annika Hansen born, to Magnus & Erin.


Wesley Crusher born.

Tuvok returns to Starfleet, assigned to the Wyoming.

Harry Kim born.

Curzon Dax and Benjamin Sisko first meet.

Alex Franx born, December 25.


Samuel Lator born, January 28, to Gerrald & Catherine.

Jax DeSabel born, September 21, to Thomas & Carol.


Amanda Rogers born to two Q living on Earth as humans.

Terok Nor constructed.

Romulan science vessel Talvath investigated a microscopic wormhole, through which the Romulans made contact with Voyager, 70,000 lightyears away and 20 years in the future. Romulan commander Telek R'Mor received a chip with messages from the Voyager crew, which he promised to deliver in 2371.


Federation-Klingon Alliance began.


Tora Ziyal born.


Jack Crusher died.


U.S.S. Stargazer, under command of Jean-Luc Picard, is nearly destroyed in the Maxia Zeta system by an unknown adversary, later learned to be Ferengi. Picard saved his crew by employing the Picard maneuver (which doesn't involve tugging on his uniform). The crew drifted in lifeboats and shuttlecraft for ten weeks before being rescued.

Kira Nerys joined Bajoran underground.

Jake Sisko born.


Haakonians conquered Talax.


Jax DeSabel & Jacen Monihan have adventures on the Destiny Dog.

Jax DeSabel begins his 2 year stay on Vulcan.

Transporter accident at Nervala IV creates "Thomas" Riker.


Natima Lang and Quark fall in love; later break up.

The Curie is destroyed; Tom & Carol DeSabel die.

Enterprise-D launches from Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards orbiting Mars.

Gerrald, Catherine, and Sam Lator board the Enterprise.


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