TOR synopsis cont'd.

well, i checked the story out. the best i can make of what i meant in those
notes of mine i didn't understand is that there are some resistance groups
of borg being led by different people such as Picard and T'Pring. and
Saavik was on a ship attacked by borg and she and the other vulcans on
board were killed, but T'Pring was taken aboard a borg ship which she used
to get control of several other borg ships.

now, back to where i left off.

Data, Worf, and Picard hire a cloaked Cardassian pirate ship to take them
back to Earth. the Cardassians and Maquis have signed a treaty granting
maquis planets independence so long as they assist the cardassians against
the Klingons.
LaForge apparently was infected with the virus too, and it causes him to yell
at Scotty who does some yelling back. Toddman talks to sisko, tells him to
kill shadowstar. the dragon shad and sam and jax are on comes in to ds9 and
is fired upon. shad fights back in the little dragon, but Toddman arrives
in a carrier which decloaks and launches lots of fighters. shad uses one of
his PC mind tricks to transport himself and sam and jax onto the Defiant,
which cloaks and jumps to warp just before toddman destroys the dragon.
sisko tells toddman shadowstar stole the defiant.
did i mention the PC yet? no? Toddman had created a division of Special Ops
called the Psych Corps and injected the people in the Pc with stuff that
enhanced their various mental abilities...more on that in the next rounder.
the defiant heads for earth, toddman follows, odo dax and kira also follow
in a runabout. then jax gets real pissed off and takes control of the defiant
and shad tells him and sam about toddman and the pc. jax asks his and sam's
special computer program Mage to find out what's going on in the galaxy at
the moment, and she says it looks like the war is almost over. the collective
is in chaos. they go back to ds9. the cardassian ship with picard data and
worf gets to earth, andthe borg attack again. the enterprise-B appears with
sulu as captain. romulans attack the ent-b, the conquest assists in the
battle and tows the ent-b to earth or something (at this point i really
don't fully understand where all the action is taking place anymore it
gets so damn confusing). after giving the defiant back to sisko and having
him call his runabout to return to ds9, sam and jax take shad to earth. i
thot it was on the musketeer, but i guess now maybe it's not, cause that's
still seriously damaged and sitting somewhere on bajor, so we'll change
that. just any old runabout i guess. we meet Jax's godfather, Jaak Luukarn
who has recently been made starfleet's
Judge Advocate General. toddman is place under arrest based on charges brought
against him by shadowstar. shad is cleared of charges against him and
promoted to commander, made head of the PC. toddman is forced to retire.
sulu, checkov, and uhura beam to the conquest and talk to the officers there.
they say starfleet in the 24th century sent 3 ships thru the nexus, and one
of them, a ship filled with historians, survived the trip. they were looking
for jim kirk.the ent-b happened to be there at the nexus when they arrived
and beamed the historians onto their ship before the historians' ship
exploded. the historians told 23rd century starfleet about the vulcan-
romulan conspiracy. mccoy was acting strange. sarek did a mind probe.
spock had been brainwashed during kolinahr to be on the side of the conspiracy,
and i think v'ger overloaded his brain and made him forget about it or
something, but it was transferred to mccoy in the wrath of khan anyway.
sarek fixed mccoy's mind. but this whole thing was proof enough for starfleet
to believe the historians' story. they sent the enterprise-b to take the
historians back to the 24th century thru the nexus. then they met up with
the conquest and that's that , eh? so the historians had been crewing the
enterprise b, and were now beamed to the conquest and the conquest sent some
of its own surpluss crew to man the enterprise b. sulu checkov and uhura
beamed back to the ent-b.
picard's kidnapped by the borg again of course. the conquest deploys
defiants around earth and mars. romulans fight the conquest and ent-b
around earth and mars. 250 new starfleet ships show up commanded by none
other than james t. kirk on the enterprise E. then hundreds of romulans
decloak. data picard and worf are assimilated. shad shows up with his pc
forces including new prometheus class ships, and the tdf shows up, and
they all fight the romulans. jax and sam are with shad on his command ship,
the Mephistopheles. picard and data somehow end up back on ds9, and data
infests the borg with some program. picard must rest for several days.
riker captures sela&crew. ships undergo repairs. (oh, did i mention we won
the battle?) shadowstar asks riker to give him sela so he can interrogate
her. kirk and riker both say no. shad's prometheus fleet decloaks (this is
all after the battle, around ds9 i guess). kirk and riker have a conference.
oh, wait, this is at the same place as the battle, sorry, cause then they
get a distress call from sisko at ds9 about attacking borg. the two
enterprises (b and e) and the conquest and 50 of the other starfleet ships
head to ds9 to help.there's a fight at ds9, and more romulans decloak.
shad's fleet shows up and helps out. romulans leave, borg are beaten.
Jax, on the Mephistopheles, talks to kirk, on...conquest i guess. tells him
he's his great-grandson, his grandparents were david marcus and saavik.
this provides a distraction for shad and some pc to get to the conquest
and shad holds kirk at phaserpoint while they beam sela to the Meph. then
suddenly jax and sam find themselves on the conquest and shad and company
take off with sela, leaving sam and jax and everyone pretty pissed. then
they all decide to go to sherman's planet, anyway. jax and kirk talk a bit
and get to know each other on the way there. shad probes sela's mind and
when he's done she's like a vegetable i think. Kirk beams down to sherman's
planet and he and mccoy talk to spock. shad shows up at sherman's planet
to help out, just before saavik (i thot she was dead?) and the Vulcan
Imperium (hey they've got a name now for the conspiracy) show up. there's
a really big battle. meanwhile kirk spock and mccoy are arguing on the
planet. they accuse spock of working against the federation all this time,
and he insists he's been helping them. kirk and company beam up to the
enterprise b. more fighting in space. more romulans show up. 3 new conquests,
the apocalypse, armageddon, and inferno, show up, plus the enterprise e and
200 federation ships, 300 klingon ships. borg fleet under T'Pring shows up.
there's a huge-ass battle called the "Battle For Peace." finally we win.
Picard is on the Apocalypse. Vulcan imperium officers are on all the romulan
and federation ships somehow, and they attack, and let a bunch of borg
beam in. the TDF shows up on the ships, and everyone's fighting with
repliswords and phaser-4s. on the ent-b, uhura spock and kirk make their
way to engineering, killing lots of borg and stuff along the way. they
decide to flood the ship with krylon gas to stop the borg.
the borg ship T'Pring is on heads for the nexus to escape into the past and
start over. the ent-b chases it. the ent-b somehow has defiants of its own,
2 of them, and all the crew except the major ones (kirk, spock, mccoy,
scotty, sulu, checkov, uhura) escape on the defiants. they download the
ent-b's memory banks to the defiants. kirk gives them his insignia and pips
and the ship's commemoration plaque and a personal message to give to jax.
kirk makes a speech to his crew which uhura records and sends to the
escaping defiants.
the Enterprise-B makes it to the nexus just ahead of the borg, going at
warp 12 i think. when the borg show up, they fire 2 trilithium torpedoes at
the nexus, which is destroyed. it sends out a shockwave which destroys the
Enterprise-B and the borg ship.

the defiants show up and dock on the conquest. they tell everyone what
happened. we beam surviving enemies to various brigs and destroy their
ships. Picard is made fleet admiral. Q and Barclay talk to Picard. shad's
fleet heads back to Earth. it turns out the Ent-B was destroyed at exactly
1701 hours.

and that is pretty much what has happened in the rounder.

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