The Original Rounder Synopsis

It starts after "Generations," and the crew is apparently scattered. the
Enterprise E is under construction.
The Borg attack the Klingons. Hugh is leading a rebellion against the
current leadership of the Borg, i guess. Starfleet gives limited help to
the Klingons. Picard becomes Locutus again, but that's just part of a plan.
Various officers are investigated and/or court-martialed (and please do
remember that is just a hearing, not necessarily a negative thing) after
the destruction of the Enterprise. the main problem seems to be Troi.
Riker is made captain of the U.S.S. James T. Kirk, the second Defiant
class ship. He's supposed to take some Vulcans to Sherman's Planet for some
big meeting (including T'Pring and Saavik). it is worth noting that at
some point in the story Data says "I keep my ear to the ground sir."
oh, Shelby is First officer of the Kirk. Barclay is chief engineer. Q visits
Riker and warns him vaguely about the Vulcans. Toddman orders Riker to take
Picard and Data to meet a Klingon ship which Hugh is apparently on. so
they're going to Earth to pick them up, and they're attacked by a Cardassian
ship, which soon leaves. the Kirk continues on to Earth. the Vulcans argue
that they must get immediately to Sherm's planet, but then they agree to
the delay. Shelby seems afraid of Riker, which turns out i think to be a
nightmare or something that the Vulcans gave her about him. Riker calls Q,
who says he didn't talk to Riker before about the Vulcans, but what Riker
says makes suspicious, so he does some investigating.
Deanna is taking flying lessons. Barclay is abducted. Geordi gets cybernetic
eyes to replace his visor. Geordi is assigned to the Sequoia project,
where he meets up with Scotty and Leah Brahams. Sam and Jax (my characters)
are introduced into the story, snooping around computer files and thus
following all that's going on. the name of the new "floating starbase"
ships changes several times, Sequoia, Empire, James T. Kirk, Constellation,
Castellan, finally Conquest (tho after the Rounder they'll be renamed the
James T. Kirk class ships). Picard is picked up by the Kirk, but Data isn't
with him, he's taking part in some new plan somewhere. I guess the Vulcans
got transport on some other ship and left the Kirk. Q visits and warns
Riker of a Vulcan-Romulan-Borg conspiracy. he brings Barclay along, who is
now a member of the Q continuum. Riker then appears on DS9 (Q did this) in
a holosuite. in a briefing room or whatever, he and barclay and the DS9
officers discuss this conspiracy. The Borg attack the Kirk while Riker's
gone. Data appears, reconfigured as a Borg himself pretty much. he says to
Picard "excuse me sir, but I must go kick some ass." and they kick a bunch
of Borg ass, but ultimately the Borg win, kidnap Picard (okay wait, he
wasn't Locutus yet, i said it earlier i guess, i dunno...but this really
is part of a plan on our part i think), and tear apart the Kirk. Riker,
Worf, Dax, Bashir, O'Brien take the Defiant to meet the Kirk, which is
totalled when they get there, and no sign of the Borg. Shelby, and everyone
on the Kirk, is dead. They find Data, damaged, and fix him up. Picard is
linked to the Collective, not quite as Locutus. he learns the Romulans
control the Borg. the borg continue attacking Klingons. T'Pring is the
leader of the Vulcan half of the conspiracy, and Sela is leader of the
Romulan half. Sarek was infected with something similar to Bendaii Syndrome
to stop him from hurting the conspiracy. he in turn infected Picard, who
in turn infected the Borg. well now the Conquest, the first of its class,
is out running around. it holds 200 Defiants and 500 runabouts. it has a
Pegasus cloak. it has all sorts of kool stuff, new weapons, 3 warp cores,
transporter pads covering the fighter bays, etc. Deanna has past her
lessons with flying colors, and is at the helm of the Conquest. Crusher is
chief medical officer. LaForge is effectively captain for the moment.
it turns out Saavik and T'Pring never went to Sherman's planet, but Spock
is there acting real weird and getting drunk and asking to see Jim. then
the whole quadrant apparently gets a message from Locutus, but it's like
forged by the Borg, and Picard can't stop it. ShadowStar contacts Sam and
Jax. the Conquest is attacked.
it turns out Spock hired a Cardassian ship to kill T'Pring, so they
attacked the Kirk earlier in the story, but when Spock found out they
were attacking innocents too, he called off the attack early. McCoy goes
to Sherman's planet to talk to spock. oh, i guess how Spock got there was
the Cardassians dropped him off.
the Conquest beats the Borg attackers. Scotty is working on fixing up the
James T. Kirk defiant. the chief of staff reads the Federation Council's declaration
of war to all of Starfleet over subspace. Borg attack Earth. they pretty
much destroyed a lot of places like San Fran, Singapore, Anchorage, and
the whole area in there. um, and Paris. The Terran Defense Force (TDF) and
Starfleet fight the Borg. the Bismarck eventually rammed the Borg ship and
destroyed both the borg and itself.
the Romulans cured the Borg of the virus.
there are flashback's to ShadowStar's past. Shad then appears on DS9.
the Borg it turns out were using the Romulans to get to the Beta/Alpha
quadrant. Lore is in control of the Borg now, having transferred consciousnss
to some borgs while a new body was constructed for him. the Conquest officers
are talking to Toddman over subspace when he vanishes, which means Earth
is under attack again. they take the Conquest to Earth. Shad wants Sam and
Jax to hack into the Collective and destroy the Borg. he kidnaps them.
Riker and Bashir are aboard the Lexington en route to Earth for Riker to
take control of the Conquest. they find the Conquest fighting a bunch of
Romulans, and join the fight. just before the Lexington is destroyed, Riker
is beamed to the Conquest. Shad takes Sam and Jax on Sam and Jax's
runabout the Musketeer to Bajor. Q and Barclay rescue Picard and talk to
him for awhile, then send him back as Locutus, but free to do some things.
then there's some abbreviations in my notes i don't understand. they say
"borg conq. lore borg but resist picard t'pring. saavik vulcs killed."
then Picard warns the Klingons whenever the Borg ship he's on tries to
attack them. Shad loses control of the Musketeer and they crash on Bajor.
the runabout is totalled (but not forever). Sam and Jax escape and Shad
chases them.
Alpha Centauri is temporary Federation and STarfleet HQ. Toddman has a
brainchip implant in ShadowStar (real name i should mention is Matt
Jerrickson) which he uses to control him by giving Shad alot of pain. he
used it which is why Shad lost control of the Musketeer. Toddman decides
to kill Shadow. Shad catches Sam and Jax. Data is on DS9 and remotely
takes control of the Borg. he strikes a blow against them, then various
groups start destroying or taking control of Borg ships.
Sam and Jax's A.I.'s Nugget and Boulder show up on Bajor with a 20 year
old Dragon (TDF fighter) and rescue Sam and Jax. Jax decides he and Sam
will take Shad's job, but on their terms. they go back to DS9. Picard makes
it back to DS9 and is de-Locutusized. then the Borg ship he was on
self-destructs. jax and sam help shad block toddman's transmissions to the
brainchip. Data, Worf, and Picard...