Minor Star Trek Characters
The Next Generation/DS9/Voyager Era

Italics indicate non-Starfleet (when I am aware of such status) under most headings, except under Non-Starfleet heading (where obviously italics would be redundant). Info obtained primarily from Startrek.com, an invaluable resource which you are encouraged to explore for many, many more people than are listed here.

Starship Enterprise D

Alans, geologist, 2365 (Pen Pals)
Allenby, Ensign Tess, conn, 2367 (tng- Final Mission)
Anaya, Ensign April, conn, 2367 (tng- The Nth Degree)
Argyle, Lt. comm., chief engineer, 2364 (tng- Where No One Has Gone Before; Datalore)
Arton, Jeff (tng- In Theory)
Aster, Jeremy, became honorary member of Worf's family, returned to Earth 2366 (tng- The Bonding)
Aster, Lt. Marla, archaeologist, died 2366, mother of Jeremy Aster (tng- The Bonding)
Ballard, Lieutenant, teacher, 2366 (tng- The Offspring)
Balthus, Dr., botanist, 2367 (tng- Night Terrors)
Barnaby, Lieutenant, 2370 (tng- Descent, Part 2)
Bartel, Lieutenant, engineer, 2369 (tng- Relics)
Beck, nurse, obstetrics specialist, 2369 (tng- Lessons)
Ben, waiter in Ten-Forward, 2370 (tng- Lower Decks)
Bernard, Dr. Harry, Sr., oceanographer, 2364 (tng- When the Bough Breaks)
Bernard, Harry Jr., 2364 (tng- When the Bough Breaks)

Starship Enterprise E

Adislo, Hars, Bolian (Insurrection)

Starship Voyager

Andrews, security officer, 2371 (voy- Shattered)
Ashmore, Ensign, engineer (voy- Learning Curve)
Ayala, Lieutenant, bridge crew (voy- Twisted)
Azan, Wysanti, former Borg drone, brother of Rebi, boarded Voyager 2376, returned to Wysanti people 2377 (voy- Collective)
Ballard, Ensign Lyndsay, died 2374, reanimated by the Kobali, briefly rejoined Voyager 2376 (voy- Ashes to Ashes)
Baxter, Lieutenant (voy- Eye of the Needle)
Baytart, Pablo, pilot (voy- Parturition)
Bendera, Kurt, engineer, former Maquis, died 2372 (voy- Alliances)
Bennett, Ensign, died 2372 (voy- Innocence)

Station Deep Space Nine / Starship Defiant

Aluura, dabo girl, 2374 (ds9- Profit and Lace)
Amaro, security officer, killed at Empok Nor, 2373 (ds9- Empok Nor)
Anara, Bajoran, apprentice engineer, 2369 (ds9- The Forsaken)
Annel, babysitter (ds9- Business as Usual)
Aquino, Ensign, found dead 2369, murdered by Neela (ds9- In the Hands of the Prophets)
Arlin, Lysia, Bolian, ran a jumja kiosk on the Promenade (ds9- Shadowplay)
Arriaga, Lieutenant, 2372, admitted to attaching subspace modulator to relay satellite in Gamma quad to make it appear cloaked Dominion fleet was coming thru wormhole, on Admiral Leyton's orders (ds9- Paradise Lost)
Bandee, Nurse (ds9- Inquisition)
Bartlett, died 2372 (ds9- Paradise Lost)
Benbasset, Dr., 2375 (ds9- It's Only a Paper Moon)
Bertram, died 2373 (ds9- The Ship)
Bertram, Ensign, 2375 (ds9- Field of Fire)
Bilecki, Lieutenant (ds9- The Siege)
Boq'ta, engineer, died 2373 (ds9- Empok Nor)

Other Starfleet / Earth

Aaron, Admiral, succumbed to parasitic infiltration, 2364. (tng- Conspiracy)
Albert, Cadet Joshua, Nova Squadron, died 2368 in Kolvoord Starburst maneuver (tng- The First Duty)
Albert, Lt. comm., father of Joshua Albert (tng- The First Duty)
Amasov, Captain of USS Endeavour, survived Battle of Wolf 359 (voy- Scorpion, Part 1)
Archer, Commander Valerie, Starfleet HQ, 2375 (voy- In the Flesh)
Atoa, Lt. Manuele, USS Sutherland, 2374 (ds9- You are Cordially Invited...)
Bennet, Captain, adjutant to Admiral Ross; put in charge of 7th Tactical Wing, 2374 (ds9- Behind the Lines)
Bennett, Rear Admiral, Judge Advocate General 2373 (ds9- Doctor Bashir, I Presume?)
Benteen, Erika, adjutant to Admiral Leyton, promoted to captain of the Lakota 2372, assisted in Leyton's attempted coup until he ordered her to destroy the Defiant (ds9- Paradise Lost)
Blackwell, Admiral Margaret, 2370 (tng- The Pegasus)
Boothby, Starfleet Academy groundskeeper, 2321-70s (tng- The First Duty)



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