Note: These characters were created by Rob McBeigh and Chris Anderson, respectively.

Samuel Ellison Lator
Terran/El Aurian

Samuel was born January 28, 2350 in Dublin, Ireland, Earth. His father, Gerrald G. Lator, moved from France to Ireland in 2331. There he met Catherine L. McMare. They married in 2332, and 17 years later Catherine gave birth to Samuel at exactly 1601 hours. At the age of 13 Samuel's father was registered as a civilian on board the U.S.S. Enterprise. While Samuel was there he became good friends with Wesley Crusher, and a year later became friends with Jax DeSabel. In 2367, Sam and Jax became acting ensigns, Samuel was now the first one of his family to be in Starfleet and were sent to the atmospheric Projects on Earth due to their knowledge of quantum physics. During this time they were sent back to the late 20th century where they conducted atmospheric studies from 1985 to 1990. The results of their testing were used for a planet that had depleted its ozone, everything Starfleet tried didn't work due to the lack of a decent model. Samuel and Jax volunteered for the job. On their return they entered the Academy. They majored in Engineering, Samuel also signed up for a science class where he studied sub-atomic particles. Both graduated early due to their involvement in the Ozone project, in 2369, with high honors. They both requested assignments on the Enterprise, but were denied. Instead they were sent to Deep Space Nine for further training. Basically they helped Chief O'Brien get the place up to speed. Samuel took part in developing the Quantum torpedo, which is used on the Defiant. After a year they were up for a promotion consideration. They didn't think they would get it. But on a trip to the gamma quadrant Samuel, Jax, and Alex another friend, found Lt. Thomas Riker and rescued him from a Jem'Hadar planet. They retrieved the Runabout and were allowed to keep it since Starfleet saw it as worthless. They all got the promotion due to the rescue. Samuel, Jax, and Alex fixed up the runabout and renamed it the Musketeer.

Alexander Vaughn Franx

Alex was born on December 25, 2349 in Oslo, Sweden, Earth. Alex is a military brat, shipped from one base to another as his father, Dennis V. Franx progressed through the Starfleet chain of command. Throughout Alex's life he has been pushed to exceed his fathers wildest expectations of him. As a result he graduated early from Starfleet academy at the head of his class in 2369. Alex is an avid martial artist in the style of Ketsugo, and has an unparalleled addiction for weight lifting and physical fitness. Usually when he is not on duty he can be found in a holodeck practicing his martial arts or working out.

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