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2270 Tuk is born (Nausicaa).
2275 Benton Zerdish born (Benzar).
2280 Jithro Skuial born (Sauria).
2287 Zachary Smith born.
2295 Planet Phoenix founded by Terran and Bajoran colonists.
2300 Destiny Dog launches, under Sean Monihan, Jr.
2305 Tanner Forsythe born.
2310 Ray Doocott born.
2311 Bennill Carzan born (Tiburon).
2312 Cassandra O'Malley born, to Shaun O'Malley & Paran Azure (Phoenix).
2313 Danomar Falcon born (Phoenix).
2314 David Smith born.
2315 Fadil Muramm born.
2322 Duncan Decker born.
2326 George Shalintory born (Andor).
2328 Ray Doocott begins working on the Drake.
2330 Wilson Raleigh born.
2334 Jaylaan Prifar born (Bajor).
2335 Ray Doocott buys the Robert April, brings Danomar Falcon with him as first officer.
2336 Georgia Coombs born.
2337 Dragons' Lair established, August 5.
2340 Danomar Falcon introduces Ray Doocott to Cass O'Malley, on Phoenix.
2342 Ray Doocott sells the Robert April to Danomar Falcon & crew; Danomar becomes its captain.
Marriage of Ray Doocott& Cassie O'Malley.
Ray & Cass Doocott move to San Francisco; Ray buys the Dragons' Lair.
2345 Duncan Decker helps design first TDF Dragons.
Susan Salhoub born.
Duncan Decker becomes member of DL 'inner circle'.
2346 Danomar Falcon becomes member of DL 'inner circle'.
Micheal Doocott born, to Ray & Cass.
2354 David Smith dies.
2358 Georgia Coombs becomes member of the DL 'inner circle'.
2360 George Shalintory becomes member of the DL 'inner circle'.
2362 George Shalintory starts teaching at SF Academy.
2365 Wilson Raleigh becomes member of the DL 'inner circle'.
2367 Susan Salhoub becomes member of DL 'inner circle.'
2368 Jax DeSabel first goes to Dragons' Lair.
Jaylaan Prifar becomes a vedek.
2369 Jaylaan Prifar resigns as a vedek, moves to Earth with a Bajoran delegation to petition for early admittance for Bajor to Federation.
Jaylaan Prifar becomes member of DL 'inner circle'.

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