The Bad Guys

Born 2360, Changeling homeworld. Palas was a fighter pilot till he was five. After that he was promoted to captain of a Jem'Hadar Dominator ship, the Grifter. Five years after that, at age 10, he was promoted to admiral, and given control of the Karemma fleet. He travelled mostly on the Karemma flagship Empire. Throughout his 15 years of service, Palas proved himself one of the most brilliant military men of his time. He had many victories against the Rebellion, as well as smaller independent uprisings. He also conquered a dozen worlds, adding to the territory of the Dominion. He thought some day he might become Supreme Dictator of the Dominion. But his next immediate goal was to wipe out the Rebellion once and for all, and become Chief Coordinator of all the Major Fleets. Finally, in 2375, he was given a chance to prove himself by coordinating the battles against the Rebellion, who had recently stepped up their attacks. He nearly won, but just as the Rebellion seemed doomed, they snatched victory from the jaws of death. The Empire was destroyed, along with most of the Dominion fleets. Admiral Palas died at age 15, one of the oldest Jem'Hadar soldiers in the Dominion.

Dalig Leole
Born 2320, Karemma. Leole was by no means a brilliant man. But he was highly competent, and always did his job to the best of his abilities. He also knew the limits of his abilities, and was not afraid to admit them if he thought they could be a liability to a mission. he recognized intelligence and talent in others, whether above or below him. He made sure that those who deserved recognition and reward got it, and often helped his best officers get promoted above him. He also recognized incompetence in those above or below him, and was just as quick to point it out. This made him some enemies, but those enemies generally feared him, and did nothing to upset him. People in high places came to trust Leole's judgement, and take what he said seriously. Not only was a good judge of character, he tried to learn all he could from those he realized were good leaders. He never became as brilliant as they were, but at least he knew who to watch. And all the time he was making friends, lots of friends in high places. After awhile, some of the most powerful people in the Karemma fleet were where they were largely because of him, and they didn't forget it. At age 30, Leole was promoted to captain, and over the next 15 years his commands grew steadily larger. At age 45 he got command of the Karemma flagship Empire. In his first five years commanding the Empire, he saw a number of Jem'Hadar admirals come and go. But Then came Palas, who Leole had of course heard was one of the best men in the Jem'Hadar fleet. He was glad to finally have a truly great leader in charge of the Karemma fleet, and serving with him on his ship. He watched Palas closely over the next five years, learning all he could. They had lots of victories together, and the greatest victory seemed close at hand in 2375. The final destruction of the Rebellion seemed imminent. But in the end the rebels one, the Empire was destroyed, and Leole died.

Lurtran Dalt
Born 2325, Lnfanna. Dalt was a master politician, and was brilliant at determining his enemies plans, sniffing out conspiracies and traps and such. He soon rose to become governor of his homeworld, Lnfanna. It was a relatively minor world, but not without its importance. Dalt never really aspired to anything more than governing Lnfanna to the best of his abilities, and keeping his own people happy, as well as the Founders. He succeeded rather well, and was content. But in 2375, a Dominion base on his world was raided by rebels, as were bases on most worlds in recent weeks. Something gnawed at him for quite some time after the attack on the base, something he couldn't pin down for awhile. Finally it occurred to him that the rebels might be tampering with Dominion ships, perhaps to somehow control them later on. He tried to warn Admiral Palas of his suspicions, but Palas paid him no attention. This lead to the major Rebellion victory over the Dominion. But Dalt had sat the battle out. He had searched all his ships and found the slave circuits the rebels had installed, and gathered together as many ships from other fleets as possible. With his own ships and the few others he managed to save, he put together a small fleet of about 20 ships of varying sizes, including one Karemma Cruiser, the Lisara. Dalt temporarily assumed the title of admiral, until such time as his fleet found a place to settle, well out of the way of heavily traveled space, where the Rebellion wouldn't find them for quite some time.

Volia Torkls
Born 2345, Karemma. Torkls graduated at the top of her class, and rose fairly quickly through the ranks of the Karemma military to command her own Cruiser, the Lisara. She hoped that some day she might become a fleet captain, or even an admiral. It seemed entirely possible to her that this would be near at hand. She believed that before long, Admiral Palas would be promoted to Chief Coordinator, and that Captain Leole should become fleet captain. If that happened, she would try to get command of the Empire, and from there the next step was fleet captain... But then the Rebellion won their stupid victory, and it put a rather sizable crimp in her plans. However, she quickly joined "Admiral" Dalt's little fleet, and perhaps, she thought, some day she could help retake the Dominion, and then her position would improve dramatically.

Evazan Torat
Born 2306, Vorta. Evazan Torat was a very charming and insidious man. He could stab you in the back and convince you to thank him for scratching an itch you didn't have. He was careful never to be anything but polite and complimentary to anyone until he knew he had the power to ruin them. He was always climbing politically, and was soon the second most powerful senator in the Vorta World Council. Second only to Bol Niroka, who he quickly eliminated as competition by discovering and exposing his anti-Dominion activities. It was one of the few times that the claims he made against his enemies were valid. Niroka barely escaped with his life, but Torat had his whole family murdered, even though most of them had been loyal members of the Dominion for generations. In 2365, Torat named himself governor of Vorta, but also maintained his position as Chief Senator. He still holds over half the planet, though the capital and a good deal of the rest of the planet has been retaken by Sil and the Republic. He will continue to be a most troublesome enemy to the Republic for some time yet, most probably.

Pondob Torat
Born 2315, Vorta. Pondob was a decent officer in the Vorta fleet, but not a spectacular one. He only made captain as early as he did because of the help of his brother, Senator Evazan Torat. He was given command of the Vorta flagship Senate, and when Evazan named himself governor in 2365, he made Pondob an admiral, and put him in charge of the Vorta fleet. Normally this honor would have gone to a Founder, but Senator Torat was very well connected. Still, Pondob did improve with age. He continued to learn, and became almost worthy of his rank, eventually. But in 2375, he died when the Senate was destroyed, along with most of the Dominion fleets.

Regent Duras, along with his sisters and other supporters, was exiled from the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance because of a failed coup attempt, and escaped with his personal fleet, including the Primus, a huge Klingon Imperial Cruiser like the one commanded by Regent Worf in the "Shattered Mirror" and "The Emperor's New Cloak" crossover episodes of DS9. The Primus can carry within its docking bays dozens, perhaps hundreds of normal sized Klingon and Cardassian Alliance ships.

Note: My use of Duras is an alteration of my original concept, where I had used mirror universe counterparts of characters created by a fellow rounder writer. I am hoping nothing happens in the future of the official Star Trek universe to challenge my use of Duras's mirror counterpart, but even if it does, this is a different continuity, so it probably doesn't matter.

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