An Amateur Study of the History of the So-Called Mirror Universe, with the Emphasis on Earth From the 3rd Millennium B.C. to the Present; With Also Notes on the Terran Empire and Important Points in the Histories of some of its Major Worlds; And on the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance as Pertains to the Terran Empire; And Perhaps a Few Outside Points of Minor Interest

by Lt. Cmmdr. Jax K. DeSabel

The history of Mirror Earth, on the surface, would seem to be comprised of little more than attempts at world-empire, and lots of them. When one digs below the surface (and one very rarely does this), one finds the first impression to be fairly well accurate. It is difficult to be sure just how many different groups have attempted to create their own world-wide empires, in part because there were obviously many such groups competing for thousands of years before anyone bothered to write anything down (although back then, the concept of 'world-wide' was on a somewhat smaller scale than it would be later on). However, as is to be expected, there are many strikingly familiar elements throughout that Earth's history.


3rd & 2nd Millennia B.C. 1st Millennium B.C.

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