U.S.S. Lone Star

Captain: Robert Muldoon (created by LordAdmiral)

First Officer: Commander Micheal Doocott

Chief Engineer/Second Officer: Lt. Comm. Jax DeSabel

Chief Science Officer: Lt. Comm. Samuel Lator (created by SamLator)

Chief Security Officer: Lt. Comm. Alexander Franx (created by AlexFranx)

Chief Medical Officer: Lt. Comm. Rizz Kantoplay
He's not human, but i haven't made up his race yet. I don't know his age or history or anything about him. Just his name. I'll work it out later, but if anyone wants to make any suggetions, i'm open.

Chief Helmsman: Lt. Duke Trent (created by LordAdmiral)
He was the number one pilot at Starfleet Top Gun.

Assistant Chief Engineer: Lt. Phillip Flavin
Born 2349, Terra. He was Jax's chief assistant (Jax calls him 'Flip,' a nickname no one else ever uses for him). He's from the USA.

(In the Original Rounder Trilogy continuity), he became a lieutenant commander, and Starfleet's liason to the TOS Fleet- at least, according to me, he did.

Ensign Stacie St. Pierre (created by SamLator)
A scientist. Sam Lator met her shortly before the launch of the Lone Star, and they quickly fell in love. And just as quickly, their relationship ran into trouble, and there would be bad feelings between them for much of their time in service together.