Lady Justice

Jessline Omorast. Orion. Her mother was kidnapped by an Orion slaver and sold to a Ferengi, with whom she had a daughter- Jessline's older sister, Elissa. After that, Jess' mother was rescued by a Starfleet away team, including an Orion. He married Jess' mom, and later they had a daughter together- Jessline.

Jess had a fairly normal childhood, and is best friends with her sister Elissa. She also gets on perfectly well with people of other races, especially Terrans, as she met many of her father's friends and coworkers from Starfleet. She considered joining the Academy for a time, but decided against it. She had a number of odd jobs, but mostly she worked on small merchant ships.

In 2376, she used some of the latinum she'd been saving up to buy herself her own small ship, and some special ops equipment- all on the black market, of course. She decided to stage a raid against the Ferengi who had bought and used her mother long ago... She expected to get away with some cash, some data, maybe do a little damage... she got more than she expected. While she lost the small junker she'd only recently bought, she managed to steal a much larger ship from the Ferengi, and went in search of a crew...

First Officer
Carter Benton. Terran. His uncle Maurice was among the founders of the Terran/Bajoran colony world of Phoenix. He visited Phoenix many times over the years with his parents, and later by himself. He made a good many lifelong friends there.

Later, he joined Starfleet, and eventually made captain. Because of his friendships with certain persons on Phoenix, some of whom were known members of the Maquis, Starfleet had one of their secret operatives watching him. When the Cardassians launched an attack against a Maquis base on Phoenix, killing a number of his friends, Benton decided to join the Maquis. But his watchdog framed him on both sides, ruining both his chances of getting into the Maquis, and his career in Starfleet.

After that, Benton bummed around Europe for a few years, mostly getting drunk and bemoaning his fate...


cabin boy
Jim Bowen. Terran. A friend of Jax's cousin Valjean, and Jessline's nephew Eric. A great lover of escapism in its many forms, such as books, holovids, holosims, etc. An orphan from a young age, with no idea of what happened to his parents. Did well enough in school, but really had no goals in life. His love of fantasy would play an instrumental role in the shaping of Jessline's plans for her new ship...

Appratix. Talaxian. He was in the Talaxian militia during the war. When the Haakonians took over Talax, he joined the Convoy for a few years, but later set off to have his own adventures. When the Ferengi opened up the Barzan wormhole, he decided to have a look around the Alpha Quadrant...