Kevin Judd

Kevin Judd is the foreman at the old Kirk farm in Riverside, Iowa, currently owned (but infrequently visited) by Jax DeSabel. He is an extremely competent man, and only employs the best people. He and his staff keep the farm in top shape, and everything is always in order when Jax or any of his friends or family show up for a visit. The grounds and all the buildings, including the main house, remain clean and in good repair; the farm turns a fair profit; and the whole place is secure against invasion from any unauthorized visitors- short of a full-scale Borg invasion (and even then, there would be far less safe places on the planet). There's a fair chance even Jax couldn't get in if Judd didn't allow it. Jax has never bothered to test that theory; however, Nuggit and Boulder didn't manage to get in without being apprehended and detained, during one unannounced visit. Not much is known about Judd's past, but surely, he's had training beyond that of an ordinary farm foreman.