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Jax, his family, and closest non-familial relations...
Jax Kirk DeSabel
Jax's family tree
Sam Lator and Alex Franx
Sam's family timeline
Jaak Luukarn & Denise Kallerinth
Boulder, Nuggit, & Thirteen

bar/pub characters
Dragons' Lair inner circle
Ray, Cassie, and Micheal Doocott
Meriadoc & Peregrin Favreau

Gamma Quadrant &/or Mirror Universe
Gamma Characters
Mirror Gamma friends
Mirror Gamma enemies

Dr. Zachary Smith

miscellaneous characters
Alison Carter
from the Delta rounder
Kevin Judd
from planet Phoenix
Psych Corps

various ship crews
ship crews
Century Bat crew
Avon Garm Jakkar
Lady Justice
Lone Star

non-aligned rounders
Colored Blood
Beavis & Butt-head Rounder

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