Born 2306, Andor. Jaak is currently a vice admiral, and Starfleet's Judge Advocate General. In 2345, he married a Terran/Centaurian woman named Denise Kallerinth. Jaak and Denise were best friends with Denise's cousin, Tom DeSabel, and his wife Carol. Tom & Carol named them godparents to their son Jax. Jaak lives in San Francisco, Earth.

Born 2312, Earth. Denise is the daughter of Christie & DaBruce Kallerinth. DaBruce is Centaurian, and Christie is Terran. Denise married an Andorian named Jaak Luukarn in 2345. Jaak and Denise were best friends with her cousin Tom DeSabel & his wife Carol. Tom & Carol named Denise and Jaak godparents to their son Jax, in 2350. In 2364, Lt. Denise Kallerinth, an engineer in starfleet, was assigned to the new galaxy class starship Enterprise. Jax's parents had died the year before, and the family decided to let Jax go with his godmother aboard the Enterprise, one of the first Starfleet ships to allow children aboard.
When the Enterprise was destroyed in 2371, Denise, recently promoted to Lt. Commander, was transferred to another ship, on which she was first officer. She made captain in 2375, and was given command of a new ship, the Flynn.

In 2376 (in the Original Rounder Trilogy continuity), the Flynn was part of a small fleet sent by the Federation Council to the Delta Quadrant to find out how the destruction of the Borg homeworld had affected the Collective, and to try to form alliances with as many former Borg worlds as possible. In the end, five worlds formed a new interstellar government called the Vooworshii Alliance, which in turn formed an alliance with the Federation, but in the course of the mission, several ships, including the Flynn, were destroyed. Denise died with her ship.