Born 2315, Vorta. Tavis secretly worked against the Dominion for many years, until in 2369, he, along with two younger anti-Dominion activists, formed a group called Opposition. It is still a very small group, with no real power, and always on the run. But there are a few places they're always safe, there are some people throughout the Dominion who share their goals. They're always being hunted, and don't have much chance to do anything of real significance. But they do pose a small threat to some few areas of the Dominion's activities. They're a constant thorn in the Dominion's side, but of no more consequence than that. They like to fancy themselves a political party of sorts, but really they're not. Tavis is considered Political or Diplomatic Leader of Opposition.

Amick Tulann
Born 2345, Tind. Tulann worked for the Dominion as a captain of a large warship. But he was always secretly against the Dominion, and wished to free his own world and others from the Founders' Tyranny. In 2369, he, along with two other anti-Dominion Activists, formed a group called Opposition. They're a small group of little importance, but they see themselves as being more important than they are. Tulann is considered Military Leader of Opposition.

Togan Brillish
Born 2342, Karemma. Brillish was for years a loyal spy for the Founders. He made a number of excursions into the Alpha Quadrant before the Dominion even allowed the various peoples of that quadrant to know of their existence. He gathered lots of information for the Founders. But gradually, as he got to know more about the Federation, he started to realize he liked the way their system worked, and realized that things didn't have to be the way they were in the Dominion. One of his favorite concepts learned in the Federation was the possibility of opposing political parties being allowed to exist, and compete for control of the government. He decided to bring a new political party to the Dominion. He got together with two other anti-Dominion activists, and formed Opposition. Brillish is the one who had the original idea for the group, and is one of its chief officers, but he has no official position. He still acts as a spy, mostly. But now he spies on both the Federation and the Dominion. And he now feeds false information to the Founders, sometimes. They are unaware that he is a member of Opposition, and believe him still to be loyal to them.

Born 2022, Changeling Homeworld. In 2300, Tala realized that there were an awful lot of people and small groups out there around the Dominion who were opposed to the Founders, and who were actively working against them. She knew they could never pose a real threat to the Dominion as they were, but that they were still a problem, a thorn, an annoyance. So she started a group to work for the government, AID, Anti-Insurgency Division. Since then, AID has worked to keep track of individuals or groups working against the Dominion, and when they feel it necessary, to eliminate them. They've not always succeeded, but rather few people have ever managed to elude them. They do work against many people and groups, including, currently, Opposition. But they're all minor concerns.

Born 2307, Vorta. Bol always wanted to command a Jem'Hadar ship, but was never allowed to. The Founders didn't think he was ready. Instead, they assigned him to AID. He worked there for years, and became rather a good agent. He worked his way up through the organization to become the top field operative. He's now a free agent, with carte blanche to choose his own assignments, and can even give orders to almost anyone in AID...even to some people outside AID, like commanders of Jem'Hadar ships...

Tarn Bengaal
Born 2318, Karemma. Bengaal was a teacher at one of the top military schools in the Dominion. He trained many thousands of officers of various races, including Jem'Hadar and Vorta. On the side, he engaged in a little illegal arms dealing now and then, and had contacts all over the quadrant, so that he always knew what was going on anywhere. He liked to fancy that he could run the Dominion if he so chose, but he never put that idea to the test. One of his students was Togan Brillish, who became one of the Dominion's top spies. Brillish even spied on Bengaal for the Founders, before he formed Opposition. And because of his favorable reports, the Founders asked Bengaal to join AID. He did, but still kept up some of his other work. Bengaal is now second in command at AID, right under Tala.

Alpha Group
Sheila Cogsworth (2344, Terra) and David Svetkey (2353, Terra) were civilian Federation spies during the Cardassian-Federation War. But they were captured in 2368, and sent to Terok Nor as slaves. It was Svetkey's first mission, and he was rather young. There they met a Bajoran slave named Tunan Arisia (2346) who had fought in the Bajoran Resistance. Tobin Zorel (2353, Terok Nor) was the son of Cardassian guards on the station, but was opposed to the Occupation. He helped the three slaves escape, and the four of them, on a stolen ship, stumbled through the wormhole. They were lucky to be discovered by an anti-Dominion activist before an agent of the Dominion. They learned all they could about this quadrant, and set up their own small resistance cell, which they called Alpha Group. They work mostly on their own, but think of themselves as loosely aligned with Opposition.

Eklan Murganna
Born 2325, Tirosh. Murganna is a bounty hunter. He works for the highest bidder, and has no political affiliations of any kind. He usually works for the Dominion, because they're usually the highest bidder. But he's occasionally worked for Opposition, and similar groups. He's probably about the best bounty hunter in the quadrant, and has amassed quite a fortune. His ship, the Corsica, is named after his home city on Tirosh. It was fairly new when he bought it, when he was starting out as a bounty hunter on his 20th birthday. But now it's a very outdated, old-fashioned ship, at least in appearance. It's had lots of modifications, and is better in many ways than alot of newer ships. But it needs constant repairs. He has a second ship, a much newer one of a design reminiscent of the old one. He only uses it when he has to. It's called the Corsican Twin.

Gamma Group
Sikleth Tubren (2348, Ok'rem'Tal) grew up with 2 best friends on the Karemma colony world of Ok'rem'Tal: Rosha Tintun (2348) and Rosha's sister, Arlissa (2350). In 2368, they heard of four people who had come here from the Alpha Quadrant and started their own resistence cell, Alpha Group. Sikleth and Arlissa were intrigued by them, and Rosha seemed to be as well. The three of them went looking for Alpha Group, and when they found them the next year, Sikleth and Arlissa asked if they could join the group, but while they were talking, an agent of AID showed up. It turned out he had been called in by Rosha, who was interested in becoming an AID agent, and used this opportunity to prove himself to them. the Alphans and Sikleth and Arlissa managed to escape, but their base was compromised, and they had to start over from scratch elsewhere. Rosha became an AID agent. Sikleth and Arlissa spent some time with Alpha Group before deciding to go off and start their own resistence cell, Gamma Group, which would be more directly aligned with the new group Opposition than was Alpha Group. But they remained friends with the Alphans, and often work together.
Tirosh Oklan (2358, Karemma) was named after the planet of birth of a friend of his parents, the famous bounty hunter Eklan Murganna. Murganna, in fact, was named Tirosh's godson. His parents wanted Murganna to some day teach Tirosh his business. He studied with his godfather for a few years, but decided to apply what he learned to something other than bounty hunting. In 2372, he joined Gamma Group.
Luciana Soe'Narr (2351, Tind) worked for several years with Amick Tulann, and when Tulaan formed Opposition, she worked as one of their agents for awhile. But in 2375, she left to join Gamma Group.
Bril Inbin (2355, Dosi) was a natural mechanic, a skill he learned from his mother, who worked together with her husband as anti-Dominion activists. Inbin followed in their footsteps, and joined Gamma Group in 2375.

Rogue Group
Cara (2352, Vorta) decided in 2370 to join AID. But she was rejected, and so she decided to start her own similar, smaller group, which she called Rogue Group. For two years, she did whatever she could against groups like Opposition, Alpha, Gamma, and others. But she was alone, the only person in Rogue Group. Then in 2372, she took on a partner, Nicola Murganna (2355, Tirosh). Murganna was the daughter of the famous bounty hunter Eklan Murganna, from whom she'd learned a good many skills. He had occasionally taught her at the same time as his godson, Tirosh Oklan. Nicola and Tirosh has a brief relationship, but when they realized they had opposing political view, it ended. They still have feelings for each other, and neither is likely ever to do anything to hurt the other, unless it was necessary for the protection of their friends.