Duncan Decker was born in 2322 on Earth. he became a member of the inner circle in 2345. He was in Starfleet Academy for a year, before being kicked out. He did well enough in all his classes, he was a very promising cadet, but he just didn't act like a starfleet person should act. The TDF quickly asked him to apply to their Academy, which he did. He found it much more to his liking. Soon he was one of their top pilots. This was still the early days of the TDF, they weren't a very well cared for group, highly disdained by Starfleet, and considered by most people to be entirely unnecessary. Starfleet had their own planetary defenses, why do we need this silly little Terran Defense Force? But they stuck with it, and there were always people like Duncan who were perfectly capable, but fit in better in an organization like the TDF. Back then, they still had just mainly surpluss Starfleet ships and weapons and such, plus some civilian- provided stuff. But a group of people in the TDF got together and developed some of their own ships and weaponry. Duncan was involved in the team that designed the original Dragons. not as good as today's model, by far, but it was the original, and it was good. And, it was pure TDF. He had been coming to the Dragons' Lair for 5 years when his team designed the first Dragon (which by the way, Duncan himself suggested they name after the popular TDF hangout). After that, Ray got real interested in him, and they became close. Soon, a number more regulars started getting closer to Ray for various reasons, and so became the first inner circle at the Lair. Duncan has been a member of every inner circle at the 'Lair since that first one all those years ago. He is a Brigadier-General in rank, and also Chief of Operations of the TDF.


Danomar Falcon (pronounced Daynomar) was born in 2313, on Phoenix, a colony world populated primarily by people of Terran and Bajoran descents. He became a member of the inner circle in 2346. He was abandoned by his Cardassian father as an infant. It is not known who his mother was, but Danomar has always believed her to have been Bajoran, and from Phoenix. (In the early to mid-2370s- I forget just what year- he found out he was fully Cardassian, and was so upset he swore his few friends who knew the truth never to mention it, and had it erased from his memory.) He was adopted by a Terran couple, and took on their name, Falcon. One of his best friends growing up was a Terran/Bajoran girl named Cassandra O'Malley.

At age 19, he began working on the Drake as engineer. He became friends with Ray Doocott, who also worked on the Drake. Ray worked his way up to first officer of the ship, and soon realized that was as far as he'd get. So he bought himself a new ship, the Robert April, and brought Danomar with him as engineer and first officer. When Ray sold the ship to his crew, Danomar became Captain. He stopped as often as possible on Earth and visiting Ray at the Lair. He eventually became a regular there, or as regular as his business allowed him. He is still captain of the April, as are most of the original crew, save one, who was lost in a battle a few years ago.


Georgia was born in 2336, on Earth, in the state of Georgia. She became an inner circle member in 2358. She's an intelligence officer in the TDF, a Lt. Commander. One of the few people in the TDF who don't also have a separate commission in Starfleet, not that any of those that do think much of their Starfleet side, except when they have to. But anyway, she doesn't. She's purely TDF. It's fairly natural for someone in intelligence to come to the Dragons' Lair, or someone at the 'Lair to be in intelligence. She's worked in coordination often with starfleet special ops, various divisions, including starfleet intelligence and to a limited degree the Psych Corps. Not only does she have intelligence information from a variety of organizations, she has a natural ability to study a person thoroughly in a few seconds and make a guess that would be up to 98% likely to be true about whether or not to trust a person.


George Shalintory was born in 2326 on Andor. He became a member of the inner circle in 2360. He lived on Andor until he was 20, never going offworld. Then when he turned 20, all of a sudden he decided to join Starfleet Academy, where he majored in the field of security. He served on several ships over the next decade. (Luckily by his time Security was no longer using red uniforms.) Then he was transferred to Earth, where he served as a security officer at Starfleet Headquarters for 5 years. During that time, he became friends with another Andorian in Starfleet, a lawyer named Jaak Luukarn. After his five years at SFHQ, he became a teacher at the Academy. He's currently a Commander in rank, and has lots of friends high up in Starfleet Security, and elsewhere.


Wilson Raleigh is a very mysterious man. Even Ray doesn't know much about him. He was born in 2330 on Earth. He became an inner circle member in 2365. Membership in the inner circle isn't exactly something people vote on or really decide. In fact, they don't even very often refer to themselves that way, really. Anyway, no one decides to make someone a member, and no one exactly decides to become one. People come in now and then, they act as they will, they talk to who they will, they pretty much just be themselves. Sometimes someone will suddenly just sort of be in the inner circle. It just happens. And everyone in the circle sort of realizes it in a general way. It is never a planned thing.

Except perhaps with Wilson Raleigh. He's not the normal type of person who frequents the Lair. Most are in the TDF, or are merchants on a stopover, some few are in Starfleet (usually cadets fromt the nearby academy--jax was once one of these), sometime someone might just happen in off the street by chance, looking for a place to wait out a storm or just lose oneself in drinking and assorted bar-type activities. There are perhaps a few other types, people looking for information, who've been referred to the 'Lair (and usually Ray in particular) by someone who goes there and knows the people there fairly well.

Wilson isn't any of these. No one there seems to know who he is or just what he does. I know rather little about him myself. In fact, he is a writer. I know this much, but not exactly what he writes. Maybe news, though not for any kind of print, audio, or holo publication I've ever heard of. Maybe fiction, but nothing i've ever read/watched/played. Maybe he's an informant for...someone, but I'm sure I wouldn't know who. Maybe he just writes for himself, for his own enjoyment. Whatever, I know he is a writer.

This doesn't mean that's all he does. He's as good in a fight as anyone else in that bar, whether with fists, phasers, knives, or what have you. He can do some fair piloting of a small vessel if he has to. He has plenty of contacts of his own, outside the 'Lair (evrybuddy does, though). He never lacks for credits. I don't know where he gets his money...at the least he has more than enough, at most he could be fabulously wealthy.


Susan Salhoub (pronounced saloob) was born in 2345, on Earth, in San Francisco. She became a member of the inner circle in 2367. Her parents had been in the TDF before her, and she followed in their footsteps. They had both come to the 'Lair themselves, and had known Ray. Susan's mother had died when susan was 17, and on the brink of entering Starfleet. After her mother died, she just didn't go to the Academy. She stayed home for a few years, then got a job on a merchant ship. Meanwhile, her father became one of the inner circle at the 'Lair for a time. Eventually he retired, and gradually came in less and less. Nowadays, he comes in less than once a year.

Susan was on a merchant ship, which happened to make a stop on Phoenix, and there she met Danomar Falcon, whose ship the Robert April happened to be stopped there at the same time. they got to talking, and he invited her to meet him on Earth in the Dragons' Lair. She'd never been there, but her parents had talked about it often enough, so she accepted. Next time her ship was on Earth, she stopped in, and so did Danomar. They went on a few dates, but it didn't work out. They remained friends, and she also became friends with others there, including Ray Doocott, who knew her by way of stories her parents had told him, especially her father. Then she decided to leave her ship and join the TDF. Now she's a lieutenant, and a fighter pilot.


Jaylaan Prifar (pronounced preefar) was born in 2334, on Bajor. He became a member of the inner circle in 2369. He had been a vedek for about 5 months. During those five months, everyone in the Assembly wondered how in the Prophets' name he could have become a vedek in the first place. He was in fact not very much the vedek type. In fact, it would later turn out that he fit in very well with people in the TDF, if that tells you anything about his personality... They would have liked to force him to leave, but he managed to do what he was supposed to all the time, and setting aside his lifestyle, some of which would definitely be frowned on by the Prophets, he was actually a decent man with good ideas, and when he wasn't making trouble, he was an asset to Bajor. They still would have had him leave. Luckily, he did, of his own free will. He decided after he had been a member of the Vedek Assembly for just under 5 months, that it was not the life for him. Anyway, he didn't want to set a bad example, or make the vedeks seem as common as he generally acted. So he left them. He stayed on Bajor for a while, but found nothing much to do there to his liking. He went to Earth to negotiate with the Federation Council about the admittance of Bajor into the UFP. He was an asset to the Bajoran delegation that was trying to convince them to grant early acceptance, but still, it was taking years... In the meantime, he often came to the Lair. He met friends there, and fit right in.

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