Warren Davis
Born 2350, Earth. Warren always had a bit of an adventurous streak in him, but just a bit. What he really wanted to do was write. He didn't care what, he just wanted to write, and to make a living at it. He was good at it, too, but he knew it'd be awhile before he hit it big, and he needed work until then. He decided to indulge his adventurous streak by joining Starfleet, which he also thought would give him experience to use in his writing. He went to the Academy, excelled in all of his classes. He had trouble choosing a major, as none of them seemed any better to him than anything else, so he let a computerized random number selection program choose his field for him. It chose security, and that seemed about as adventurous a field to him as he could hope for, so he accepted it. For someone who wasn't interested in a career in Starfleet, he was surprisingly good at it. Right after graduation, he was assigned to the brand new starship Voyager, the best in the fleet some people said. When it got stuck in the Delta Quadrant, he didn't take it well. But there wasn't much he could do except use it as a chance to gain more experience for his writing. At least he never lacked for adventure. Damn, he wanted to lack for adventure for awhile. And then in August of 2372, He had an idea. It occurred to him that Voyager was getting an awfully bad reputation for itself in the Delta Quadrant, due to a number of factors, including lies spread by the Kazon. He decided he could be of help to the crew by writing stories of the history of the Federation, in the guise of fiction, which would be easy to sell to people, as such. After years of building up to it, he could let them know that it was all true, and by then they'd maybe be willing to accept it as truth. He presented his idea to the captain and the senior staff, and they went along with it. Davis packed his things, and left some things with a friend to take care of if he got back home and Davis didn't. He made an appearance on A Briefing With Neelix, and beamed down to planet Rioran IV, where he spent a few days with the people there, the Seetali, until a Talaxian convoy arrived, and he booked passage with them to Sikarus. He stayed for a time on Sikarus with some friends he had made there when Voyager had been there before, and then rented a place of his own. He then met went about the task of finding someone to produce and distribute his show...

Daninn Turgar
Born 2345, Bolia. Daninn was a security officer aboard Voyager, one rank above Warren Davis, and a friend of his. It was during a conversation with Daninn that Davis got his idea for writing stories about the Federation to improve their reputation in the Delta Quadrant. When Davis left, he gave a few things to Daninn to give to his family back home, in case Voyager made it back. He also gave Daninn the ending to a few stories he'd left hanging online before leaving, for Daninn to post if he got home. When Voyager was brought back in 2373, Daninn did all he was supposed to for Davis. When the Ferengi began establishing a permanent presence in the Delta Quadrant, Daninn went through the artificially stabilized Barzan wormhole to find Davis...

Born 2312, Sikarus. Praaltog was executive in charge of new holoseries at SEN, Sikarian Entertainment Network, when Warren Davis approached him with his idea for a series based on the Federation and the Alpha Quadrant. He greenlighted the project, which became a success. Praaltog was then promoted to executive vice president of SEN, and remained a constant influence on the series, "Alpha".

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