Colored Blood is a side-rounder, not officially part of the "real" rounders. it's done just for fun, humor, comic relief. it's supposed to be awfully gory at times, and kinda stupid. for a long time, it involved Beavis & Butt-Head, on the Cornholio, crewed by some of the B&B cast. they were the enemies of Rokk Leach of the Vampirium and Devlin Khan of the Sequoia. Beavis and Butt-head now have their own rounder, so they pretty much leave Colored Blood to itself. Q is involved sometimes, as is Barclay-Q. They make lots of trouble for all the characters. for a time, Leach and Khan were looking for the legendary planet of Ok'Mopta, whose inhabitants supposedly had different colored blood, very tasty. They finally found it, in another galaxy, but didn't get to have as much fun there as they would have liked. the people were all cartoons, and they had some help from HoloDoom, who gave them the Dip. But Q was always messing things up. eventually they left, and waged a war to take over the primitive planet of Primortia. They've finally done that, and will now move out to conquer the galaxy...i think it's Andromeda...

Rokk Leach is captain of the Vampirium.
Devlin Khan is captain of the Sequoia, and governor of the Settlement on Primortia. He is descended from Khan Noonien Singh, for some reason, and that Starfleet babe from "space seed".
Tugun is a Vulcan, first officer of the Sequoia, which he is in command of while Khan is on Primortia. The Sequoia is staying in orbit around Primortia, with Tugun in command, while the Vampirium goes off looking for worlds to conquer.

HoloJax is a sentient holographic person, like Moriarty or the Doctor on Voyager. Starfleet rounded up all their worst, most psychotically evil officers, who God only knows how they got thru the Academy, and they stuck them on two ships, the Vampirium and the Sequoia. When Jax DeSabel heard about it, he thought he'd have some fun. He created a holographic duplicate of himself, which would be pure evil, and almost as smart as himself, which he stuck secretly in the two ships' computer banks. HoloJax is essentially in control of everything done by the crews of the ships, and makes lots of plans to help them out. He also creates holographic persons to aid them whenever necessary.

The Settlement is just outside the United Eastern Villages, which since Khan and Leach took over Primortia, have been named the capital of the planet. Leach and Khan pretended to be from a group of worlds that were contacted and helped to advance more quickly by the Great Ones, a group of gods worshipped by the Primortians. They said they were here to help Primortia advance, as they had been helped by others, to prepare for eventually moving to the Next Plane and meeting the Great Ones.
Tiplan Kalla was chief of the UEV, and has now been named First Chief of Primortia. He is the third most powerful man on the planet, after Leach and Khan, but only technically. He still takes orders from any Settlers from the Vampirium and Sequoia, if they give any. But he is definitely the most powerful native Primortian.
Koban Sparth was leader of the Common Guard of the UEV. Now he is Captain of the Common Guard of Primortia.
Jinza Do'kaa is the keeper of the Great Market of the UEV, and is in the process of spreading out his operations all over Primortia.

Zeus was really the Rokk Leach of the alternate universe that Barclay moved the Vampirium and Sequoia to after a game with Q. In this universe, his ship had come to Primortia months before our Leach and Khan, and had used the religion of the Great Ones himself. He waged a war against Leach and Khan for control of Primortia. He was eventually foiled by one of HoloJax's tricks, and killed.

Primortian Circle.
During the war between Zeus and Leach & Khan, a small group arose called the Primortian Circle, who distrusted all the newcomers, and sought to keep Primortia to Primortians, and kick all the others offworld. In the end, Leach and Khan won, and the PC was diminished, but it remains under the surface, and may someday rise again.

HoloDoom was one of HoloJax's holographic creations. He was a duplicate of Judge Doom from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. He created the Dip to use against the Ok'Moptans. His usefullness, for the moment, is over, and HoloJax filed the program away in case he ever has need of it later.
Por Altioth was another of HoloJax's creations. He was supposed to be one of the Great Ones. He convinced the Primortians to join Khan and Leach, and turned those loyal to Zeus against him.

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