Beavis & Butt-head Rounder Characters

Psychotic Empire
Really evil group governing some galaxy or other

Emperor Pulpintang
evil tyrant who rules over the Psychotic Empire. rarely seen, he delegates most of his work to his grand admirals.

Grand Admiral Tarkindalla
one of the highest ranking officers in the Psychotic Fleet, he is in charge of all weapons development operations, including those on planets Reallylittleguns and Reallybigguns.

Grand Admiral Darkwalker
dark lord of the sloth, he never runs when he can walk, and never walks when he can slither. one of the highest ranking officers of the Psychotic Fleet, and Emperor Pulpintang's favorite suckup.

Grand Admiral Pawn
perhaps the cleverest of the grand admirals, he could probably do a better job of running the Empire than the emperor does. which is why Pulpintang never gives him any kool assignments, always gives him totally menial jobs, and doesn't allow him nearly as much power as his other grand admirals. he usually keeps Pawn patrolling the outer rimshot territories, where he can pose no threat to the emperor's rule.

Planet Reallylittleguns
Major producer of really big guns for the Psychotic Empire

Dr. Sivronlemeliskxux
totally deluded chief designer of guns on Reallylittleguns, who believes that the weapons she developes will be used for some kind of good purpose, and not for evil. most recently, she developed the superdeathcrushergun.

Planet Reallybigguns
Minor producer of really little guns for the Psychotic Empire. was recently destroyed by Beavis & Butt-Head.

Dr. Nobody
someone who was upset he wasn't allowed to design really big guns. he referred to Grand Admiral Tarkindalla as "Tarky," something which Tarkindalla really hates, so the Grand Admiral's noghri assassin slit his throat.

Dr. Diary Solbright
she took over as chief weapon designer of Reallybigguns when Dr. Nobody was killed. she hates Dr. Sivronlemeliskxux ("Sivvy" for short), chief weapons designer on Reallylittleguns, who always gets to design the really big guns.

other characters

Grand admiral Tarkindalla's Noghri assassin. he always knows when someone deserves death for something as major as plotting the death of Tarkindalla, to something as minor as calling the grand admiral "Tarky."