Greetings, kiddies. Mind, here. This is supposed to be my page, but since Davey boy's hosting it (as well as hosting me), I'll simply allow him to use this space to write out some of his thoughts on me... Try not to get too bored or too amused by his silly little musings....

What to say about Mind? I used to say, my mind has a mind of its own. Thoughts would enter my head that I didn't like, didn't believe, and had absolutely nothing to do with me. Perhaps it had something to do with an irrational fear I had that everyone (or just about) in the world was telepathic, and all this stuff about a few people maybe being, but most people don't believe in it, and sci-fi/fantasy telepaths... all kinds of stuff was geared specifically to keep the telepathic-handicapped folks, what few of them there might be, from knowing the truth, for we wouldn't be able to handle it. So I'd worry that my thoughts would be read by anyone who happened to be around. So, thoughts would enter my head I wouldn't want people overhearing. Perhaps some true thoughts, perhaps some true-but-not-quite-for-being-out-of-context, or something, thoughts, and perhaps some completely untrue thoughts. So I'd say my mind put them there to annoy me, to drive me nuts. And if it wasn't really me thinking these things, it's separate... who/whatever is thinking should have a name. If my mind had a mind of its own, I thought I'd simply call it Mind.

Mind has pestered me a great deal over the years, with varying degrees of success. I think he wants me to kill myself, at least sometimes. Ultimately, he fails in his efforts, of course. But he can still be intensely annoying. And can induce/enhance my depression.

Sometimes I've tried to think of other things Mind could be. A split personality- but I don't think that quite fits. Or a demon trying to possess me, but not quite succeeding. Which surely would annoy him tremendously, and I enjoy taunting him myself. Or I've also, I think even before I came up with the original idea of Mind, said the Universe hates me, and tries to hurt me in so many ways... so eventually I thought maybe Mind is the Universe's mole inside my head. I don't know what else I may have thought of Mind. I guess this is enough for now.

P.S.- Mind used to have his own page on my homepage, where I'd let him emerge as dominant personality, within limits, and write the page himself. Sometimes I like to have conversations with him anyway, voicing his parts myself, and assuming it's actually him coming through. Anyway... I thought I'd make this page you're currently looking at look a little bit like his old page, which I deleted a long time ago.

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