My psychology and thoughts on various matters

Once upon a time, I had two pages; one about insanity in general, the other about insanity as it pertained to me (a psychological self-analysis). Eventually I boiled that down to one page, or at least got rid of the general insanity page, I guess. But now... well, I guess now I'm going to break things down into specific subjects, and give each its own page. Anyway... this should be cathartic....

...Please note that not all of these subjects are about psychology, per se, whether in general or about myself. Hence the "thoughts on various matters" part of the page's name. It is all my thoughts, part of how I view life, the world, and whatever. So that's why it's here, on my "My psychology" page, but some of these articles are introspective and some are more extrospective. So it's not all about me. Okay? (Most of it is, but not all of it.)

My psychology
My thoughts on religion
My thoughts on love
My thoughts on attraction
My thoughts on swearing
My thoughts on money
My thoughts on family
My thoughts on racism
My thoughts on sexism
My thoughts on suicide
more subjects to come later...