this is not one i really should have even ever created, as i've not as yet seen the end of Quantum Leap. it is very important that i see the last season, and especially the last episode. i think sometime i'm going to try to watch whatever i haven't seen yet on usa or sci-fi. i'd like to start from the first season. all i've really seen for the most part is like the next to the last season, i think. so alot of this character's stuff here could fly in the face of whatever was done with the show. but i'll put it up anyway, and i don't want anybuddy arguing with me (as if anybuddy was actually reading this)

in Project Quantum Leap, Dr. Sam Beckett became the first Leaper. He spent several years in uncontrolled leaps (at least uncontrolled by him) until finally returning home. decades later, the science was perfected. by 2037, there were hundreds of Leapers around the world. for the most part, the technology was kept in the hands of trained professionals. there are a number of Hack Leapers (HLs). some of those Leap for fun, some for profit, or for any number of personal reasons. most of them are responsible individuals who avoid messing history up, and have even been known to prevent others from messing things up. but a few of them are not such decent, law abiding folks.

Calavicci Zimmy (whose parents named him after the Admiral, but that's not why he chose to become a Leaper) had been an HL (a responsible type HL) since he was a teenager. he had a group of friends who sometimes Leapt together. after college, Cal took post grad classes and got his doctorate in Quantum Mechanics, graduating at the top of his class. he now works at the Samuel Beckett World Quantum Laboratories in Washington D.C. he still Hack Leaps in his free time, often with his old friends. in his work, he Leaps for scientific reasons and for patrol reasons (chasing down and cleaning up after irresponsible or criminal Leapers).