Please Note: These are more like characters than personalities. In some cases, there will be alot of me in them; in other cases there won't be. In all cases, there are personality traits which will distinguish them from myself, so don't confuse them with me, even if I sometimes do. Also note: some of the characters here are stupid and/or derivative and/or constitute infringement of any number of copyrights. Please don't worry about this, as I'm not making any money off of any of this.

of primary import

Jax Kirk DeSabel a late-24th century Star Trek character
Jax Central
Rounders Reference Page

Captain Grey conspiracy theorist, etc.
The Grey Pages

The Kidder a DCU character, particularly of Gotham City
Chatting with the Bat
as yet untitled Kidder/Tempus story also as yet unfinished

teknomage / ektomage um... it's hard to explain...
snap this one up, kiddies! it's the "Secret Origins Miniseries (Issues 1-14)!"
royalty, etc. nostalgic value only
Zack the Cheshire Cat friend of ekt
the death of teknomage tek dies!
introducing ghostboy teknomage becomes ektomage, a ghost
the hauntings of ektomage adventures as a ghost
Rebirth ekt comes back to life, becomes tek again!

Ye Olde Towne Chaos Shoppe these stories will be like, apocryphal, or whatever...

toastlad & nobodyman Dave's manic and depressive aspects, respectively

oror orow a monkey from a mirror universe


Inspector D'WARD Javert a Sherlock Homes/Hercule Poirot sort of detective
The Case of the Island Connection

D'WARD von Helsing a hunter/researcher of vampyres and other monsters
The One That Won't Slow You Down

of secondary import (at best)

Bellamax 'Bloody Boy' Omyxa an old-style gangster

The Screwdriver Warrior take a wild guess

Dr. Cal Zimmy a mid 21st century Quantum Leaper
Bio Note: this is all wrong. this is going to change dramatically, but i'm keeping it up here for the moment, for my personal reference...

more of my personalities