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Drummin' Dave
The drummer in a band I made up called Müt Cheeta. The band's lead singer was Bruce Fallsteen, and the keyboardist was Jack 'Keys' McKin. There was a rapper/DJ named Skratch McRappor, I believe, and I'm sure there was at least one other member of the band, probably a guitar-player, but I don't remember his name right now. I dunno why I didn't have any of this written down on my site before; maybe I deleted it at some point. I also don't think I have a list of personalities on actual paper anywhere, anymore. But now in 2010 I'm doing my best to make this little entry here, because I'm starting a section of my site for D'WARD's 1890s, one of the characters of which, Jack McKin, is an ancestor of this band's Keys McKin. Anyway... I should also mention that Dave and Keys were in an offshoot band together, called Black Ink. And that's all I can think to say about any of this...

friar tek
a name i use in religious mode (tho these days i rarely feel particularly religious). it's more just another name for me than a personality/character like teknomage (now ektomage), so he/I hasn't become a ghost, like ekt. so his name needn't be changed to friar ekt; tho the main reason for this name has always been that it sounds kinda like "Friar Tuck," anyway. Read his/my thoughts on religion: DNUR.

he is a member of the week warriors.

he is a powerful sorcerer from Analand, in the land of Kakhabad. he's had many adventures, and still does from time to time. his history is based on the Sorcery adventure RPG type books by Steve Jackson. currently he likes to stay mostly at the inn/tavern/discotek/etc he owns, the Wayfarers' Rest. Here is a list of employees at the 'Rest.

ellipsis lad
he...talks with...a great...many...ellipses... he... can't... really... stop himself.... he... sounds... alot... like... a very... bad imitation... of... captain... kirk....

this is short for "initiative boy." he is second in command of the UHF (see "multiboy").

The Kid
a genius who wants to take over the world, and has an ever-changing grand plan to do so... and when he controls the world, he'll make everything perfect. until then, he'll do whatever has to be done to obtain power. he has a fan who also calls himself The Kid, who eventually the real Kid chose to accept as an ally in his plans for world domination. or rather, a tool... he calls him the Other... The Kid (both of them, actually) sometimes manipulate Mulder and Scully as part of their plans...

king tek
he is self-proclaimed king of the Dominion of the Geeks. he actually had people following him for a while, but he went away, and when he came back they were gone. there were geeks around before he joined them, but one day he got an idea that it'd be fun to take over the world, and formed the Dominion of the Geeks, naming himself king, and others didn't have a problem with it. he appointed people as territorial governors of various areas of the world. that's over with now, but perhaps eventually he'll start over, recreate the DotG... (i've been thinking of making the singer from Harvey Danger my court musician and not telling him)... king tek is sort of me but sort of a character like the main teknomage, and as such is most likely dead now, and so he could be called king ekt, i imagine. or just king tek, it doesn't really matter.

tek/ekt/I is/am the ramble king. this self-proclaimed title has nothing to do with the king of the geeks, but it might as well be mentioned here. He sometimes sings a little parody of the ditty Kris Kringle sang in that old Rudolph special: "Ramble, ramble ramble, I am the ramble king; I am old king tekno, I'm the king of rambling!"

Lobster Mobster Mob
a concept stolen from the Little Mermaid cartoon. i set up the idea that the lobster mobster from that show would have a great deal of success someday, and set up a Land Division of his mob. the leader of Land Division is AntScaf 2, based on someone called Antonio Scaffaccio from before i ever came to the Dominion, who i don't know. membership in the mob fluctuates, but i once had a few other handles in it- SkelsBoner (a stupid joke based on some bad guys called the Triad), Horned God (a Druid), chepooka malchick (something like toastboy, minus the toast- a fan of A Clockwork Orange). currently the mob is inactive, but it might resurface someday.

When I was a kid, I collected G.I. Joes. This was of course in the era when they were small action figures, long after the larger dolls had gone out of fashion, and before they came back. Anyway, at one point there was this thing where you could fill out a form, multiple choice type stuff, make up your own codename, and they'd send you a toy that was supposed to be you, along with a file card. Not the sort of little cards you cut off the back of a pack the figures normally come in, but a full-page style o' fing with descriptions based on what you said on the order form. I suppose all the figures they sent looked exactly alike, and I wouldn't be surprised if kids picked some of the same codenames and stuff. And I'm sure if I had to fill out the form now I'd do it a bit differently, but it's okay. Here's my file card in case you want to have a look.

leader of the United Handle Federation, or Handle Empire (either one uses the initials UHF). this handle basically represents all my handles on the Dominion should they ever all want to work together for a specific goal.

sometimes when I am in the mood for psychological self-analysis, or analysis of others, i call myself saneman- an unlicensed, untrained psychoanalyst who knows what he knows about psychology from devling into the inner recesses of his (my) own mind. he is the mortal enemy of Stuart Smalley.

i have a concept of Writers (with a capital W) as a sort of gods- they create worlds and people, who come alive in the minds of readers/viewers/listeners/whatever. and so i created the W Continuum, made up of all Writers, from ancient storytellers and cave-painters, to modern Writers who have no success at all, to the most successful Writers of all times. and anyone within the Continuum could be called "W" (rather like in the Q Continuum), altho once when i tried this I called myself W, and others chose other names involving the letter W...

Writer at the Moment. the concept is for jointly written stories, or sometimes stories i write myself, wherein a character or characters will be written by various Writers, who are as gods, basically, controlling the events of the stories. and the one writing a given piece at a given time is the Writer at the Moment. Sometimes characters in stories I'm writing will talk to or about the WatM, and know that they're in a story. Sometimes such a character will be one of my personalities, and talking to WatM is kind of like talking to another aspect of themselves. But then, whether they're in a story or not, they may also refer to me as OverPerson Dave, in whose head they know that they and all my other personalities reside....

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