oror orow

orow is originally from NegaTownsville, in the Negaverse. It is a little known fact (which I made up) that after the Sailor Scouts defeated Queen Beryl, the Negaverse fell into civil strife (no, it could never truly be destroyed), with many warlords from different Negatowns and Negacities vying for power. Eventually they just accepted that there would be no central government, and all petty warlords contented themselves with controlling their own areas. One such place was NegaSt.Canard; but that's another story. NegaTownsville is ruled by the Tyrant, a wimpy little despot who only maintains power because his secretary seduced the Mad Professor into creating fiercely loyal, evil supervillains, the RowdyRuff Girls. Orow was the Professor's assistant, a good but simple and meek monkey who wished to help the oppressed people of NegaTownsville. The Professor's experiment accidentally made orow smarter, stronger, and more confident, which granted him the ability to create the Powerhouse Boys. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view) that experiment had an unexpected side affect, which sent orow (now calling himself "oror orow," but using "orow" as his familiar name) into our universe. Part of him wishes to get back and see how his boys are doing, and if he himself can do any more to help fight evil in NegaTownsville. But a greater part of him is glad to be in a better place; and yet sees much, if less, evil here in this universe. Since our Townsville was in good hands (and because people there mistook him for a villain, his counterpart from this universe), orow set off to do good wherever else he could.

One such effort was founding the Pokémon Liberation Front, later renamed SNAP - the Society for the Nonviolent Advancement of Pokémon, to fight for equal rights for poor, oppressed pokémon. Aside from such work, he maintains his own ezboard, Volcano Mountain, for the discussion of comix, cartoons, anime, manga, and just about anything else. (It later moved to ProBoards, under the administration of another of Dave's personalities, teknomage.)

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