let me start by apologizing if this sounds too much like i just mixed up the name bella oxmyx a little (a piece of the action, TOS) of course that would be the truth, but i'm still sorry about it

Bellamax Omyxa was born in Boston on July 5, 1907. his father was an unrepentant alcoholic, a small time local hood, who often beat his wife and son. Bella ran away at age ten.

He joined a small gang, learning to steal and to fight. at age 13, he picked the pocket of a man who turned out to be on vacation, a man from Chicago. a man who turned out to be Alphonse Capone. when Bella discovered whose wallet it was, he immediately returned it. Al was so impressed that the boy had been able to steal it without his noticing, and that he had the courage to return it, that he decided to take the boy under his wing and become his mentor. Bella worked for Al's gang for awhile, all the time studying under Al. by age 16, Bella started his own gang. he moved back to Boston and began searching for underbosses and footsoldiers.

First came Bill 'Teach' Cassim, a former college professor who was out of work and looking for any job he could get. he had an i.q. of 160, only slightly lower than Bella's own (which i won't specify). Teach became Bella's second in command. he invented many useful little gadgets that were a bit ahead of their time. Bella sometimes worked with him on these inventions.

The second boss he recruited was J.J. 'the Snake,' a local gangster. the Snake brought with him his gang of roughly 100 men.

Third was Franco Giolli. he was from a powerful mafia family. the Giollis were at war with the Picadillos, a rival family. (the Giollis were of Italian descent, the Picadillos of Sicilian--by the way, at this point i'd like to point out that the only real historical person in this story is Al Capone. everyone else is entirely made up.) Bella became a mediator between the warring families, and helped end the war. Marco Giolli, the head of his family, sent his son Franco to work for Bella, along with a small portion of his gang, about 50 men.

Fourth was Duke 'Spades' Samst, whose previous jobs included hustler, gambler, private investigator, and gangster. Spades was a card sharp, the best player in town.

Fifth was Jeffry 'Quick' Marx. Fastest gun in the East. expert on most small arms.

Sixth was Leroy 'the Scuz' Jailey. he had once been a prison guard. he became friends with most of the prisoners, and did favors for them. when he was finally fired, he found out one of his old friends was looking for a few good men. Bella hired him on the spot.

Seventh was a man known only as 'Sleeze.' very little is actually known about Sleeze, even by Bella.

Eighth was Dave 'Blood Man' Cassif. he was an arrogant braggart. he was also almost as good as he thought he was. he originally thought of his position in Bella's gang as a stepping stone in his career, but he never went any further. at first this was because of the loyalty and camaraderie all the memebers of the gang came to feel for one another. but eventually it would be helpful that the gang became very large and powerful.

Ninth came Big Barney Binfa, who had alot of brawns, but very little brains. he was however a friendly enough guy with his friends, and quite effective against his enemies. Teach tried teaching him for awhile, but eventually gave up, for the most part. (See also Muggar's Boys.)

Bloody and his underbosses came to be called The Ten.

So now the gang had Bella, 9 underbosses, and 200 footsoldiers (the 150 J.J. and Franco had brought with them, plus 50 Bella rounded up on his own). Bella now chose a nickname. he called himself 'Bloody Boy,' no relation to Dave Cassif's nickname. then he named the gang 'Bloody's Boys.' they set up operations, and soon had established themselves very nicely. they became the gang to join in Boston. by 1924, shortly before Bloody's 17th birthday, the gang numberred 2000. then he decided to expand to other cities. by the end of the year, he was in Boston, New York, Chicago (where he stayed out of Al's way as much as possible), Dallas, San Francisco, Seattle. by his 18th birthday, in 1925, he'd gone international, with operations in London, Paris, Rome, Tokyo, Peking, Berlin, Rio de Jenairo, St. Petersburg, Madrid, Dublin, and Washington D.C. by now his gang consisted of nearly 40,000 men and women worldwide. no law, government, military, or criminal could touch him. he was essentially the most powerful man in the world. by the age of 19, he was bored.

Bloody Boy and Teach began to design their greatest achievement. It was done in total secrecy. Of the Ten, only the 2 of them knew what they were doing, and no one outside the Ten knew anything special was going on at all. one month before Bloody's 20th birthday, they finished it.

The Stasis Field. it was sort of... a cross between a transporter matrix and a cryonic suspension chamber. it was housed in an underground fortress. they designed computers to control the stasis field, and the fortress's automated defense systems. within the fortress were also stored clothes, weapons, personal possessions, vehicles, various world currencies and precious metals and gems. on July 6, the day after Bloody's birthday, the Ten went into Stasis.

the world had no idea where they had disappearred to. the worldwide organization of Bloody's Boys started breaking up after about a year. power struggles broke out from both within and without. eventually no one remembered or cared about Bloody Boy or the Ten. by 1930 there was nothing left of the gang.

July 7, 1991, Bellamax Omyxa was, again. the others remained in stasis. Bloody went out and learned all he could about what had happened since he entered stasis. he felt rather sorry for having helped usher in the Great Depression. (after all, he had taken a billion dollars worth of monies with him in the fortress, and the dismantling of the organization had meant some major changes in the financial world.) he also felt sorry he couldn't have helped out in World War II. he could well imagine how fun it would have been to have killed Hitler personally. he felt sorry for missing out on alot of things, but he was also excited to be alive and young in this day and age. space travel, computers far exceeding his and Teach's, television, movies with sound and color, all sorts of things.

Some things disturbed him abit. like the ease with which all sorts of contraband items could be obtained, and in fact some previously illegal things were now legal. this would make rebuilding a crime empire rather difficult. but it could be done. and at any rate, what with inflation and collectibility and such, all the stuff he had in the fortress would be worth well into the tens of billions of dollars tody. he was a very rich man.

He set up several legitimate businesses, as well as criminal ones. he established a history for himself (he didn't want anyone to know he was the Bloody Boy Omyxa). he organized a new, smaller gang, with outposts in Boston, New York, Chicago, Washington, San Fran, London, Berlin, Tokyo, Paris, Rome, Dublin, Moscow, and several smaller cities. the organization came to consist of 27,000 people.

then he met the leader of another international gang, the Commandos. the leader called himself Commando. he and Bloody soon became good friends, and combined their gangs. the combined total was 40,000, the same as Bloody's original gang. Bloody told Commando who he really was, and made him his tenth underboss. he became actually a partner, but Bloody chose to think of him more on a level such as Teach had been on, or perhaps slightly higer. for now the original 9 underbosses remained in stasis.

in 1993, a rival supergang, Dube's Gang, started a war with the new Bloody's Boys. the leader's name was Dan 'Bossman' Dube (how do ya put a accent over an e on the damn keyboard, i'd like to know?). Bossman's second in command was Scott 'Richie' Richardson, aka Richie Scottson. then Bloody released the others from stasis. the Ten were back. with their leadership positions in the gang, Bloody's Boys very nearly defeated Dube's Gang, and Bossman called for a truce. Bloody and Bossman eventually developed a bit of a hesitant friendship, and remained respectful of each other's territories and operations. they became friendly rivals.

Commando and Richie tried to become friends, for their bosses' sakes, but never quite managed it, always remaining suspicious of one another.