(pronounced Zha-vay)

it should first be explained that i have basic concepts of 3 different D'WARD Javerts, but there are very likely many more throughout history which i just have as yet to discover and develop. these 3 do nicely enough for now.

1 was born in Paris, France, in 1900. he was one of the great detectives of all time, in the same class as sherlock holmes and hercule poirot (both friends of his). he became an honorary detective of precincts around the world, and sometimes worked with Interpol. he was based in Paris but also had other offices in places like London, New York, etc. he spoke a number of different languages, which he could understand and speak thru the ingenius method of simply placing brackets around dialog which is to be assumed is in a foreign (non-english) language. odd that the language he uses primarily is english, considering he is from france, but of course i am not and only really speak english myself, so there. he died in the year 1999. he was mildly depressed by this, because he wanted to see the new century. but he accepted his fate.

another was born in 1975 (in the usa somewhere, unimportant just where). he is an inspector first class for Acme CrimeNet, a worldwide police force somewhat like Interpol, tho it is based in America. Acme is concerned not exclusively, but in large part, with the capturing of Carmen Sandiego and her henchmen in the V.I.L.E. organization.

another was born in 2975 in Boston, Earth. his main job is as an agent of the Space/Time Police. he's a galaxy class inspector. his station is the Sol/Earth sector, New England Region. he works undercover, primarily. he is also a member of the Amadudius Order. his designation in this elite organization (loosely associated with the S/T P) is A-17-UC. he is also an agent 1st class of the Galactic Secret Service; he holds the ranks of 3star general and grand admiral in various branches of the Galactic Military. he is an honorary senator in the Galactic Congress. he is both a galactic and inter-galactic ambassador. (one would begin to wonder how so public a figure could be an UNDERCOVER agent) he is a grade-A computer expert and a member of ProHack. he is an expert marksman in all forms of weapons. he is an expert in all forms of combat and self-defense from all the worlds of Galactic Republic (and several outside worlds). he is a first class driver, pilot, and navigator of all types of vehicles. he is a member of MensaGal. he is a member of the Multi-Googillionaires Club. he is owner, CEO, and president of D'WARD Enterprises, Inc., an organization begun centuries earlier by a different D'WARD (not a Javert). he's also a member of the ten-thousand lightyears high club. man, this guy is busy.