Jessie (aliases)
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Jessie has had lots of disguises over the years. Some of them are one-shots, which may not even involve aliases, but there are several recurring personae she's taken on, especially for contests. Her false personae often have names very similar to her real name, so I'm never entirely sure how they're spelled, and you may find different spellings on different sites. For example, I have one disguise listed here as "Jessiebella," though it could be "Jessebella" (without the "i") or "Jessabella" or something like that. The same goes for all the other aliases that use the base "Jess." I'm afraid I don't currently have caps of every personality (I only added a few caps of Jessadia after the disguise had made several appearances from which I didn't make any caps). But I suppose it doesn't really matter....

Note: None of these aliases should be confused with Jessiebelle, who is actually a different character altogether. In spite of being a virtual doppelganger of Jessie.