Jessie (disguises)
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Jessie has had lots of disguises over the years. Some of them are one-shots, which may not even involve aliases (this page is for the ones without aliases). I should also mention that sometimes there may be screencaps I put on her regular pages that look like she's wearing a disguise, because she's not dressed the way she normally is, but she's really not. (Even if in her disguises, she's no less recognizable than just wearing different clothes without trying to hide her identity. *shrug*) But then again, there may also be pics on other pages where she is in disguise, and I just don't remember for sure... because I made caps before I started a disguise page. Or whatever. I dunno.

I should also mention that sometimes a description I give here to some caps may apply to different disguises she's worn in different episodes (for example, "thief 1-6" are different from "thief 7-11"). Also, there's a series of caps here labelled "Team Rocket," which sounds odd because Jessie is actually in Team Rocket, but they're from an episode where she and James infiltrated a Team Rocket base, and disguised themselves in the uniforms the Team Rocket members there wear, which are different from the uniforms Jessie and James normally wear. Anyway, I suppose none of this is important....