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minor characters gallery

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Here I have some screencaps I made from video on Toonami Jetstream and from Cartoon Network, as well as from episodes that I downloaded.

For most of the one-shot characters in this gallery, I'll try to list all the episodes they've been in, making special note of which episodes I made screencaps from. Oh, and all episode numbers are taken from, so if any other sites number them slightly differently... *shrug* the numbers should be fairly close (and I include episode names too, so whatever).

I have deleted several character pages entirely, and deleted many of the caps on some of the pages I've retained. And I may further reduce the size of the gallery in the future, maybe even delete the whole thing someday. I'm not sure. Making these deletions has been painful, but not as painful as I thought it would be. (And retaining anything of my galleries is painful in its own way.) So, we'll see....