Star Trek

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Delta Vega game:


Maxim scan:

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There's one pic that I ganked from some website and I don't even remember where it was, but because of it I found stuff about Trek on the official esurance site, where I grabbed a wallpaper (which you can see if you click the original pic). Also from the official site, I made some screencaps from the first Star Trek ad and a game called Delta Vega. Later I took a new pic from the official site, which I put next to the original pic, plus I made screencaps from a second Star Trek ad, this one I caught on TV (though you can also view it on the official site). And later I took a pic from a poll the site did about 3D Erin vs 2D Erin (I love them both, naturally, but I voted for 2D). Plus, I scanned an ad from Maxim magazine.