"The Spy Who Loved Esurance"
"Surf 'n' Claims"
"The Lost Reel"
"Take Me Out to the Ball Game"
"Quick Draw"
"Let It Snow"
"The Real Speed Race"
"The Great Expiration Escape"
"The Proof"
"La Palette"
"Every Picture Tells a Story"
"Basher Bowl"
"Carbon Copy"
"There's No Place Like Home"
"Space Ghost"
"What We Like About Erin"
"Miracle on Ice"
"Eyes Only"
"Invasion of the Car Snatchers"
"Attack of the Over-Priced Auto Insurance Monster"
"Attack of the Time-Wasting Auto Insurance Monster"
"Snow Globe"
"Paul Gets Animated"
"Paul Saves Some Green"
"For Everyone Who Hates Auto Insurance Ads"
"Auto Insurance 101"
"Erin at Speed Racer"
"Kate Gets Animated"
"Kate the Cartoon"
"Kate and the Transformation"
"Cloud Cult"
"Ron Gets Animated"
"Mission Savings"
"Musically Animated"
"Earth Hour"
"Operation Savings"
"Bollywood Casting Call"
"Star Trek"
"Money Booth"
"The Power of the switch"
"Hidden Camera"
"Online Repairs Tracking"

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