3b: "The Spy Who Didn't Love Me"
Corian Princess

4a: "Duck Codgers"
Cadet's fantasy 1a B
fantasy 2a B
fantasy 3a B C D E

5a: "I'm Gonna Get You, Fat Sucka"
Vampire Bride 1a B C D E
bride 2a B C D
bride 3a B C D E
Vampire Brides

6b: "Pig of Action"
Protectorate crew 1a B C

07: "Shiver Me Dodgers"
Passenger 1
Passenger 2a B C D
Passenger 3
Passenger 4
Passenger 5
Pirate auditions
Pirate wench 1a B C
wench 2a B C D E F G H
wench 3

8b: "The Wrath of Canasta"
Cadet's vacation 1a B
Miss Betsy 1
Betsy 2a B C

09: "The Green Loontern"
Puppy-owner 1a B
Taffy? 1a B (I think)

11: "Hooray for Hollywood Planet"

13a: "Enemy Yours"
Captain Torelli 1

17a: "Talent Show A Go-Go"
Audience 1
Audience 2
Audience 3
Audience 4a B
Audience 5
Audience 6

18b: "The Love Duck"
Doublemint Twins 1a B

19: "The Fudd"
Lt. O'Hara 1a B C
O'Hara 2
Protectorate crew 2a B C

21b: "Deconstructing Dodgers"
Angry woman 1a B C
Customer 1a B
Date 1
Salesgirl 1a B C D
Salesgirl 2

22a: "M.M.O.R.P.D."
Ellomold 1
Ellomold 2a B
Ellomold 3
Ellomold 4
Ellomold 5
Ellomold 6
Ellomold 7a B C D
Ellomold 8a B
Princess/gamer 1a B C
gamer 2a B

23b: "Castle High"
Monstress 1
Monstress 2a B C D
Monstress 3

25: "Of Course You Know, This Means War and Peace"
Skye Falling 1a B
Skye 2

27: "Til Doom Do Us Part"
Massage girls 1a B C
Massage 2a B C

28a: "Villainstruck"
EAD host 1a B C
Magnificent Rogue's groupies 1a B
groupies 2a B
groupies 3a B C
groupies 4a B C

28b: "Just the Two of Us"
Bikini-clad nursing student sorority sisters 1a B C
sorority 2a B
sorority 3

29a: "The Kids Are All Wrong"
Cheerleaders 1a B C D E
Cheerleader 2a B C D
Cheerleaders 3a B C D E F
Cheerleader 4a B C D E F
Cheerleaders 5a B C
Cheerleaders 6
Seņora Cruz

31a: "The Best of Captains, the Worst of Captains"
Protectorate captain? 1
captain? 2a B C D E
captain? 3

32a: "Diamond Boogie"
Boogie girls

39: "Bonafide Hero: Captain Duck Dodgers"
Hero 1
Hero 2a B
Hero 3