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Anko Anglerfish, which has a bioluminescent lure at the end of a stalk growing from its head. The pokemon "Chinchou" and its evolved form "Lanturn" are based on the anglerfish. Anko is also used as a food fish in various dishes, including the variety of sashimi called Ankimo (see foods & drinks page). "Anko" can also refer to azuki bean paste. See TV Tropes or Wikipedia.

Bara Rose.

Fugu is the Japanese puffer fish, which you may remember from an episode of The Simpsons. It contains poison, so it requires great care and skill in the preparation, or it could be deadly to eat (see foods page). The pokemon "Qwilfish" is based on the fugu. See Everything2, TV Tropes, or Wikipedia.

Karasu Crow or raven.

Kingyo Goldfish. See also Kingyo-sukui (games page).

Kitsune Fox. Or fox demon (see mythology page).

Ko Child, or the young of animals.

Koi Carp; or Nishikigoi, "colored carp," actually look more like a cross between goldfish and catfish, I'd say. Something like that, anyway. They're a type of Japanese fish of which there are many varieties. They are to be kept in large ponds or aquariums. One of my fondest wishes is that I could someday have a koi pond of my own, cuz I love them fishes so much... they're just adorable.... See Koi.com, Everything, or Wikipedia.

Koinu Puppy.

Koneko Kitten.

Hana Flowers.

Inu Dog.

Neko Cat.

Sakura Cherry blossom; cherry tree. See Everything2, TV Tropes, or Wikipedia.

Semi Cicada. See Everything2 or Wikipedia.

Tanuki Raccoon-dog. See Wikipedia. Or a raccoon-dog demon (see mythology page).

Yuri Lily. Also refers to anime or manga about female homosexual love (see anime & manga page.)

See also foods & drinks page.

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