My Idea for a Second Season of Cowboy Bebop

Now, Cowboy Bebop was arguably Adult Swim's most popular and best anime. But the show only lasted 26 episodes! Many people would like to see Cowboy Bebop continued, but how would you be able to continue a series like Cowboy Bebop, a series in which the main character is dead? Here's how.

First of all, Spike should be alive. Just to piss off anime nerds. And they should never explain how it happened or even reference that Spike was ever dead. That way, anime fags across America would be like "OMG WHAT HAPPENED OMG WHAT HAPPENED OMG WHAT HAPPENED". That would be awesome. And it shouldn't be a cop-out "prequel" either. Make damn sure that everyone knows it takes place after the original Cowboy Bebop.

Another suggestion for the second season of Cowboy Bebop, it should be made by a different crew entirely. The creators of Cowboy Bebop said they wouldn't continue the series ever. Actually, I just thought that sounded like something they would say, I have no idea if they ever said that or not. But the second season should be made by a different crew anyway. Different animators, different music (read: synthesizer), different everything. Shit, even get different voice actors. And get some big-name high-profile actors to do voices. Can you imagine how hilarious that would be if Spike was played by, I don't know, Jake Gyllenhaal? That would be great. Jennifer Garner could play Faye, Drew Carey as Jet, and Dakota Fanning would play Ed. And have Ein talk. In a British accent. That would be so awesome.

Re-tool the show entirely. Ok, space drama is all right, but people want to see something different. Make it a kids show. No outer space whatsoever. Instead of space, let's just use, say, time travel. They travel through time learning about history. And Ein talks like Mr. Peabody. That would be the best season of Cowboy Bebop ever. Shit, that would be the best anime ever.

Fuck action. Seriously. Give the show little to no action, make it all about comedy. They should make anime faces constantly, and have Ed make wisecracks all the time about rice cakes or something. Plus, there would need to be more cute animals that talk. This is anime, not art, you guys need to be worried about selling toys and cards.

Follow these rules and you will have the greatest anime ever made. Not by the virtue of the show, but by the diarrhea all anime fags will collectively empty in their pants when they see what's happened to their precious anime show. Fuck, do the same thing to Fooly Cooly too. I would watch anime if it was as awesome as the one I just described.